Les Mis

Delayed post from months ago. I read Les Mis back in December. I don’t have a great desire to see the movie.A Pinterest pin had this note: “Les Mis Unabridged–Put on you big girl pants and read it.” I did thanks, and all the extra “history” sections are mostly NOT facts but rather absurdly romantic interpretations.… Continue reading Les Mis

The Sign of Four Review

This was my least favorite of the Sherlock Holmes mysteries; I actually didn’t really like it. The story was dark and creepy, I hated the savage character for many reasons, and the ending was unsatisfactory. The only slight gleam of light was Watson’s darling little romance and Holmes’ slightly mischievous attitude about it…he just doesn’t… Continue reading The Sign of Four Review

Middlemarch Review Part III

And now for the best. Read part one here and two here. Caleb Garth was the best character as person. Caleb-with-a-‘c’(which form I have always preferred and considered as the true form and which must be distinguished from Kaleb-with-a-‘k’ as they don’t have the same connotation, at all, Kaleb-with-a-‘k’ is just a name) is homespun,… Continue reading Middlemarch Review Part III

Middlemarch Review Part II

Now for the more ambiguous characters. Read part one here and three here. The Vincys, Sir James and Celia, yawn. Mr. and Mrs. Cadwallader—funny. I despised and disliked Dorothea herself in the beginning; she was stupid and obnoxious and inconsistent, aiming for “high” goals with steps that quite clearly took her to depths as she had… Continue reading Middlemarch Review Part II

Black Arrow

Here is a reviewette I wrote months ago.When our church had a bookclub one month Treasure Island was chosen, and I started the novel. I got bored, skipped through the rest, and didn’t wish to finish it. I thought I had better choose a different novel when I went back to attempt Robert Louis Stevenson.… Continue reading Black Arrow

Measure for Measure

Angelo immediately enforces Vienna’s previously neglected harsh laws against immorality. What I cannot make out is if this was against the Duke’s wishs, concurrent with them or neutral. To what end did the Duke observe Vienna in disguise? He already knew the effects caused by his neglect of punishment. Was he thinking about making Angelo… Continue reading Measure for Measure