Adam Bede Mini-Review

I came to this novel in almost perfect ignorance of the story. I highly recommend this method. I learned a little from the chapter titles (I love chapter titles although these could have been improved in the creative aspect) and through fill-in-the-sequence logic, but I still found myself totally unprepared for certain events and aspects.… Continue reading Adam Bede Mini-Review

Whose Body Review

Despite writing notes during/soon after reading Whose Body and typing them up weeks ago, I am just now editing and publishing them. I need to publish current reviews and procrastinated reviews (if that is not an adjective yet it should be) at the same time. I will improve, I will, I will! (Said like “I do… Continue reading Whose Body Review

The Story Girl Review

Montgomery wrote with her usual luminous, magical style of simplicity and enchantment, weaving in nature’s beauty with an artist and poet’s skill. I love the characters–both their uniqueness in themselves and their overall types. I love the freedom and silliness and jolliness and innocence of the children’s escapades. Their view of grownups and the grownups… Continue reading The Story Girl Review

Jane Austen’s Juvenilia

Over a year ago I read a collection of Jane Austen’s “Juvenilia” (I believe I read the Penguin book entitled The Juvenilia of Jane Austen and Charlotte Bronte) and in a separate book I read another of her  juvenile works: her facetious “History of England.” Unfortunately, the book did not contain the complete collection, but it did contain… Continue reading Jane Austen’s Juvenilia

Collective Sherlock Holmes Mini-Review

I should have lumped all of the Sherlock Holmes stories into one section on my Classics Club list. I read them a year ago, and I should have wrote better (more general) notes. I loved the works collectively although the famous A Study in Scarlet and The Sign of Four did not top my favorite list. And… Continue reading Collective Sherlock Holmes Mini-Review

The Father Brown Mysteries Review

I read The Father Brown Omnibus after the Sherlock Holmes collection around a year ago, so again, this will be quite short as my notes are not very helpful. These mysteries show more of the principal players in and viewers of the mysteries than do Holmes’ stories. Chesterton portrayed the mysteries with a less scientific/logical point… Continue reading The Father Brown Mysteries Review