2017 Reading Challenges and Classics Club Spin 15

I updated my reading challenges page (adding way too many challenges, but hey, lets have fun), and I also decided to participate a bit more in the Classics Club while I finish up. Perhaps I may do participate with another list after all. A more reasonable list . . . with more reviewable books. Anyway,… Continue reading 2017 Reading Challenges and Classics Club Spin 15

Mini Book Review Collection 1

Jonathan Strange and Mr. NorrellHere is my rambling, incoherent Goodreads review: Hmm. I think the historical fiction aspect well-written; I mean it could conceivably have been written at least in Dickens’ time if not perhaps in the actual time. The fairy and later magic felt authentic/similar to other fairy fiction and what little study I have… Continue reading Mini Book Review Collection 1

Our Mutual Friend Review

*SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* I recommend complete ignorance for first time readers (which means do not read covers, reviews, prefaces, chapter headings, and etc.). I remembered a little of what my sister told me (albeit it was sometimes quite a distorted memory) as I read and constantly referred to the headings of future chapters. Oh, Eugene.… Continue reading Our Mutual Friend Review