Christmas and Winter Questionnaire Day One: Beginning Christmas

I borrowed questions and ideas from: here, here, and here. I divided my list into 6 days. ~Do you send Christmas cards? Sometimes, the pretty ones that come in sets, not the ones with family photos. I like getting those from friends who we’ve not seen in awhile, but I like sending the elegant artistic… Continue reading Christmas and Winter Questionnaire Day One: Beginning Christmas

A Literary Christmas Link-Up

I am linking up here for A Literary Christmas. My books are: ~Annika’s Secret Wish by Beverly Lewis ~Letters from Father Christmas by J. R. Tolkein ~A Merry Christmas, and Other Christmas Stories by Louisa May Alcott ~Stories Behind the Best-loved Songs of Christmas by Ace Collins ~Unwrapping the Greatest Gift: a Family Celebration of… Continue reading A Literary Christmas Link-Up

Christmas Bucket List Completion

~Gingerbread house. I showed photos earlier. It was super cute and tasty even though it wasn’t durable.~Christmas Cookie exchange. I made these Peppermint Meltaway Cookies.~Watch Christmas singalong. We watched the two from our childhood.~Try a Couple hot chocolate variations. Nope, I just put extract in mine but didn’t try any of my pinned recipes. I… Continue reading Christmas Bucket List Completion

Christmas Gifts

I got two pretty bowls from the $5 exchange and “I Love This Yarn” (I exchanged the acrylic for cotton; she thought the brand was all cotton, I think. I love that Hobby Lobby carries this nice feeling cotton with tons of colors) from Mom on Christmas Eve. This was on my list. On Christmas… Continue reading Christmas Gifts

Christmas Movies and Books

In addition to watching Hallmark movies (more on that later), we re-watched a lot of childhood favorites plus some old classics. I’ve seen all of these before (although A Charlie Brown Christmas only once and didn’t remember it well) except Polar Express. I had few more new to us movies from the library but couldn’t… Continue reading Christmas Movies and Books

Blogmas Winter Tag

DAY 16 { WINTER TAG } ❄ Top 2 Winter Beauty EssentialsLotion and lotion stick (I use lip balm year round).  My hands literally drink up regular lotion in a few minutes, so I try to use a couple rounds. I carry a lotion stick which is really thick balm that I can put on the… Continue reading Blogmas Winter Tag

Girls Gifting

I spoke a bit about my “gifting philosophy” on the guys gifting post. Many of my gifts this year are knitted. I don’t make huge or complicated knitted gifts for people who could care less, but I do like saving money, so I have been trying to save money and stash bust on smaller gifts.… Continue reading Girls Gifting

Gifting for Guys

My family thinks that I’m good at gifting. I think that I’m good at buying for them. My style works with knowing people well and having a good frame of reference. Also, I can do “tough love” or “tough luck” gifting with close family. With extended family and friends, overthinking hasn’t always worked. Some people are just… Continue reading Gifting for Guys

Blogmas: Decorating, Christmas Cards, Celebrating and Advent Calendar

I’m going to combine a couple Blogmas days as a Q and A How do you decorate? Real Tree or Artificial Tree?The three younger girls are the main decorating committee and they’ve got a nice little pattern. For the family room they decorate the tree with a light hand (we use to have an excessive amount… Continue reading Blogmas: Decorating, Christmas Cards, Celebrating and Advent Calendar

Blogmas Day 11: Stocking Stuff Ideas Link Post

I have collected several gift posts including a few on stocking stuffers Here is one from nourishing minimalism Gift cards, food, seeds, candy, hats, gloves, scarves, socks, etc. are good minimalist gifts. Here is one from A Modern Mrs. Darcy I particularly love the bookish, letter writing, and artsy ideas, particularly the washi tape and pens. Stamps,… Continue reading Blogmas Day 11: Stocking Stuff Ideas Link Post