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    Countdown to Christmas: Week 3

    At some point I realized I really should be knitting and watching Hallmark. I’m going to do a separate post on all the Hallmarks I watched this Christmas season.

    Day 15

    1. Watched Christmas with Holly.
    2. Decorated my bedroom tree (!!!!!). It’s makes me SO happy!
    3. Read more of A Christmas Carol and opened the package for page 93, a book (!!!) from the Christmas TBR (!!!) The Man Who Invented Christmas!

    Day 16

    1. Watched A Dickens of a Holiday.
    2. Finished A Christmas Carol and opened the last gift which was a infinity scarf with book pages printed on it, so cute.

    Day 17

    1. Watched Open By Christmas.
    2. Wrapped another gift.
    3. Trey’s Hallmark spoof. (You know, for variety in between bingeing Hallmark . . .)
    4. Watched Next Stop, Christmas.
    5. Watched Signed, Sealed, Delivered Christmas.
    6. Moms at Christmas.

    Day 18

    1. Watched The Santa Stakeout. “Matching Christmas Sweaters, what are we, poodles?”
    2. Lauren Johnson’s Christmas Wardrobe and her small gift diy video.
    3. Rosery Apparel gift videos: 1 and 2.
    4. The Christmas Contest.

    Day 19

    1. Finished Five More Minutes.
    2. Started One December Night.
    3. Started reading The Man Who Invented Christmas.

    Day 20

    1. Read The Christmas List (it was suuuper busy at work . . .).
    2. Finished watching One December Night.
    3. Started An Unexpected Christmas.

    Day 21

    1. Finished An Unexpected Christmas
    2. Every Dad at Christmas
    3. Lauren Johnson’s video on restoring a 1930’s red velvet dress
    4. Darling Desi’s Christmas video (definitely will rewatch, esp to takes notes).
    5. Ruby Granger Christmas prep vlog.
    6. Loepsie Christmas Vlog #3.
    7. Started Holiday for Heroes. I think I might have seen this one before, may not finish.

    Day 22

    1. Started Tis the Season to be Merry. “The holidays just ended up kind of scattered for me which I think in a funny twist of fate is why I do what I do.” “What, dating imaginary men?”
    2. Every Kid at Christmas

    Day 23

    1. Always Leave Christmas Shopping to the Very Last Minute
    2. Lauren Johnson’s gold glamorous old Hollywood dress sew along
    3. 5 Stages of Christmas
    4. Watched Crashing Christmas.
    5. Started watching A Joyous Christmas.
    6. Finished two baby blankets and washed and blocked them (please dry quickly!!!). It will be a miracle if the third gets finished on Christmas Eve.
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    Christmas Countdown Activities 2020: Week 2

    Sunday, December 6
    • Started decorating my tree and room.
    • Pinterest failed on the orange slice garland.
    Monday, December 7
    • Listened to Bing Crosby’s Christmas on the way to work.
    • Watched Hallmark’s A Time for Us to Come Home for Christmas.
    Tuesday, December 8
    • Started rewatching Hallmark’s With Love, Christmas.
    • Finished cleaning and decorating my room.
    Wednesday, December 9
    • Listened to some Christmas songs. Not really in the mood for that. Just needed something Christmassy for the day.
    Thursday, December 10
    • Listened to some Christmas music.
    • Watched Hallmark’s USS Christmas.
    • Rewatched a Hallmark fav, The Most Wonderful Time of the Year.
    Friday, December 11
    • Listened to some carols. A bit of the struggle during the week to do Christmas stuff if we don’t watch a Hallmark. I’m looking forward to getting my Christmas books from the library.
    Saturday, December 12
    • We did our family gingerbread decorating via Facebook messenger. I’m going to attempt to build mine today (I’m finishing the post Sunday the 13th). We’ll see, its a bit fragile.
    • Watched Hallmark’s A Little Christmas Charm.
    • Finished rewatching Hallmark’s With Love, Christmas.
    • Watched Hallmark’s Christmas Ring.


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    Christmas Countdown Activities 2020: Week 1

    Since if one wants a unique or really just any advent calendar, one must start looking in SEPTEMBER and since I haven’t scored a sort of choose your own adventure from a thrift store (my mom has found a lovely sort of advent calendar cabinet, and I’ve seen a too expensive log house version, still hoping for a reasonably priced gem), I decided that doing a Christmassy activity every day was the way to go.

    Tuesday, December 1
    • Watched Hallmark’s Christmas Waltz
    Wednesday, December 2
    • Watched Hallmark’s If Only I Had Christmas
    Thursday, December 3
    • Wrapped Christmas presents
    • Put away Fall decor
    • Helped  decorate our family tree (I think it’s one of, if not the prettiest, we didn’t overkill on the decorations and the colors were more cohesive, also it’s a new faux tree that is super realistic looking)
    • Watched Hallmark’s Holiday Engagement
    Friday, December 4
    • Bought my little real tree!
    • More Hallmark
    Saturday, December 5
    • Watched I’ll Be Home for Christmas on Disney+(they have quite a few Christmas movies to choose from). Its funny how you can have 90’s nostalgia without having seen the actual 90’s movie itself.