Romeo or Benedick? Knightley or Tilney?

Romeo or Benedick?Knightley or Tilney?Jack or Algernon?John Brooke or Laurie?Gilbert or Barney? Do you prefer the more traditional romantic leading men? Or the ones with personality. You can probably tell from that whom I prefer :/ How about the more popular or the overlook/rejected?Will or Norrington?Darcy or Bingley?Rochester or St. John Rivers?Pip or Herbert?

Our Mutual Friend Review

*SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* *SPOILERS* I recommend complete ignorance for first time readers (which means do not read covers, reviews, prefaces, chapter headings, and etc.). I remembered a little of what my sister told me (albeit it was sometimes quite a distorted memory) as I read and constantly referred to the headings of future chapters. Oh, Eugene.… Continue reading Our Mutual Friend Review

Great Expectations 2012 Film Adaptation

The film-makers took the Pride and Prejudice 2005 approach: dumbing down and modernizing the story for the non-literature reading public 😛 How could I have thought the other film over-dramatized? I should not have been surprised, this is the Downton Abbey generation after all. Great Expectations  is too understated, so lets ramp up the drama so the sensitive people… Continue reading Great Expectations 2012 Film Adaptation