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    Life Lately

    So, a lot of life was lived during the last week of Feb and the first week of March. It all culminated the first week of March.

    I was planning on putting a deposit down on an apartment in the city, not my first choice because I work in a town outside the city and its got more expensive costs for utilities and such (whereas a few utilities were included in the rent for the apartments in the town plus just a cheaper area) plus safety. Apartments were moving slow in the town, and I did something that required me to move. And I’d expected to be in an apartment in February. Anyway, I was going to see this city apartment and put a deposit down on Wednesday when I got a call on Tuesday from the apartment complex I’d first applied to, so I went and put a deposit down on my lunch break.

    I’d called my mom to ask/tell her about it, and she was all in a flurry because my sister-in-law had gone into labor. My brother and sister-in-law were planning on bringing my niece that night to prepare in case my sister-in-law could be induced on Wednesday. Mom had moved all her work to Tuesday, so there was some scrambling to make sure my niece was picked up. Unlike with the first baby this niece arrived quickly. Because of covid not even her sister could see her in the hospital, and I was able to leave early on Friday to go over and watch niece 1 meet her sister when they came home.

    And then Saturday, I drove backroad state roads 1.5 hours (I’ve never driven further than 45″ not counting traffic and only in areas I grew up around) to pick up my Pomeranian puppy. Thankfully the route back was different, because I was afraid the little furball would be so sick. I was rather stressed about him anyway. I think he was a bit stunned for the first several days as he didn’t make much noise, because when he found his voice, oh he found it.

    I’m trying to retrain him to use the litterbox. I thought I was prepared with most of my stuff, but then had to run to Lowe’s Sunday (after visiting my baby niece again) to put up some linoleum to put under his pen. Then we had a traumatizing vet visit, I didn’t realize they still had drop-off only rules in place which makes me uncomfortable, I couldn’t look at his papers and make sure we were on the same page, next time I’m going to make copies. Anyway, it’s been a learning curve, we’ve never had a puppy this small or this young, he doesn’t have all his shots so he has to be kept away from outdoors and other dogs (well that will always require supervision as he’s a tiny mite).

    So yeah, I’d put a deposit down on him, not thinking it would be April before I’d get into an apartment (here’s to hoping the people leave sooner and haven’t trashed the place). It’s probably better though, he’ll be bigger and better able to be on his own (I’ll be able to go home during lunch since its only 10-15″ away from work).

    Meet Bjorn Cub

    He looks like a little teddy bear. I was wanting Teddy Graham, but wasn’t sure. “Teddy” is awfully close to my sister’s “Theo.” The names, the dogs are about as different as could be. I found a site that listed all the dogs in the Rosemary Sutcliff books. I ended up going with Bjorn from Shield Ring (the man not a dog), it means bear after all, and Cub, for Esca’s dog.

    The one and only time he actually got in his bed, maybe when he’s bigger he will like it.

     I feel like he’s gotten bigger in the one week between the top and bottom photos. Oh, he’s about 12 weeks right now.