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    Introducing the Newest Family Member

    Meet our 5th animal:

    Spooky little Halloween creature.

    Some acquaintances of acquaintances found a family of a younger mother cat and four kittens abandoned behind a store (!!!!! Is it really so hard take them to the vet or humane society?!) and Doctordiva saw the post on Instagram (she’s been asking for a kitten for awhile). Thankfully all the cats have homes now. The vet estimated her to be about 5 weeks.

    The first week, so tiny.

    We got her around October and she’s already grown. She’s braver, friendlier, cuddlier, and healthier. She is a bit funny looking. When my sister got her my dad said that she looked like a bat. I watched her as she played upside down and really saw the resemblance. My grandmother said she looked like a fox. Her white eyebrows on the black gives her a skunk-ish experience. None of this is sounds flattering, but she really is adorable and precious. She has all sorts of undertones, underfur, and patches of cream, tan, grey, and copper.


    Those eyebrows!

    My sister got her around Halloween, so we discussed Halloween type names. The little girls liked “Grumplestiltkins.” She is black with green eyes, so “Toothless” was suggested. Then I saw a cat on Instagram named “Sybil Trelawney,” so we started discussing Harry Potter names, and Doctordiva decided on “Luna.” Trust me, that is the simplified version of the name discussion. We had some kittens (the sad stories) that never really were officially named which I think helped us decide a little faster this time. The girls started calling her “the Smush” before Doctordiva decided on the name.

    Luna aka “Luna Buna” aka “the Smush” or “Smush”
    Little baby has filled out a bit.

    Yeah, our animals never really have one name. 

    ~Well, Snickers is usually “Snickers”, but occasionally “Snickey Wickey”

    ~Sugarplum is tops the cake with “Sugarplummy”, “Sugar,” “Sugarbooger” (yeah, I know, but this is because we apparently love rhyming pet pet names, ha) and “Boogums” (again, wow, yeah I know)

    ~Mumford is “Mr. Mumford,” “Mumfy,” “Mumford man,” “Smumford” (that is according to us, according to him he is “King of the Jungle,”  “Lord Mumford,” etc. He is a cat’s cat. Sugarplum is a dog cat: humble, grateful, needy).

    ~Holly is “Hollywolly,” “Holly Louise” (according to my grandmother), “Demon,” “Evil” (well, those last might be just me)