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    Fall Fun List and To-Do’s

    I always love seasonal “bucket” lists, and enjoy reading Hamlette’s to-dos. I’m an inveterate list making . . . and list-ignorer. I’ll probably put up a final quarter to-do list once I’ve formulated it. It will be MUCH simpler than the ones I previously made myself.

    Fall Fun/Hobby To-Do List

    • An autumn festival (already scheduled, just need to ask off) with my grandparents
    • Join in on our family Ladies Shopping Day; I have only been able to join on show-and-tell the last few times. We’ve tried to have 1-2 shopping days with the ladies in Mom’s extended family where we shop at antique stores and consignment shops with a break for lunch and an end of day after snack and show-and-tell showcasing our finds at the end. So much fun.
    • Spend lots of time with my niece and take lots of good photos
    • Maybe a autumn hiking trip
    • Buy all my planning stuff for next year
    • Read tons more: Participate in Classics Club dare and read 5 more from list
    • Work on blog development a bit (Genesis, IP, spam, disclosure)
    • Make serious dent in my sewing stash
      • Finish second smocked baby dress ASAP
      • Two more business skirts
      • Fall dresses and skirts
      • Baby dresses for summer (as Christmas gifts)
      • Tons of baby bows and such
    • Make a serious den in my knitting stash
      • Knit at least one sweater and sweater dress for me
      • Baby sweaters, rompers, sweater dresses
      • Socks for me
      • Baby socks
    • Dress up as Audrey Hepburn from How to Steal a Million for Halloween
    • Start working on regency outfit
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    Spring Bucket List

    ~Get/make a cute baby gift for my brother and sister-in-law’s gender reveal party

    ~Take several hiking and day trips

    ~Make this macaroni and cheese

    ~Go outside more

    ~Go fruit and berry picking

    ~Make some Spring treats


    ~Re-read the Penderwicks in time for the new book

    ~Make an Easter dress

    ~Splurge on (and use) watercolor and calligraphy supplies

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    Winter Fun List


    ~Make this recipe for mac ‘n’ cheese

    ~Homemade hot chocolate with homemade marshmallows

    ~Go ice skating

    ~Game days


    ~Make a snowflake garland

    ~Make a snow globe on a pedestal

    ~Get a Chick-fil-a peppermint milkshake

    ~Watch the Winter Olympics (I’d totally forgot that was this year)

    ~Make and collect snowmen decorations

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    Autumn Bucket List


    About a month ago, I saw a lovely idea for a bucket list here on The Enchanting Rose. I at first thought I “needed” to buy pretty patterned paper and jewels too, but realized that I could use stamps and paint to add detail to the paper we already had.
    I picked out this gorgeous sketchbook from my notebook and journal hoard (mostly from Half-Price); this will be my art journal for autumn and winter. I made my version fairly quickly for me although it has taken me awhile to post.
    I am so proud of this. I picked the colors to match the notebook cover.
    I kept my options rather general. I’m hoping to get a photo and art page out of a couple of these; I think that would be fun. What are y’all’s fall plans?


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    Summer Bucket List and My Art Journal

    Watch tons of Classic Hollywood movies
    This should be easy!
    Read at least half of Classic Club list
    Hmm. Not a priority.
    Make lots of art and crafts
    Well, I’ve put a lot of pressed flower art in my art journal, worked on redoing my first quilt, and worked on dresses for my sisters’ birthdays.
    Spend time outside: stargaze, watch the sunset, swim, swing, catch lightening bugs, sleep outside
    I’ve spent some time, but I need to make it more of a priority.
    You would think this would be easy.
    Go on several day-trips 
    I’ve been to the zoo and a baseball game at our local university, and I want to plan one for my birthday.
    Jane Austen Festival and local art festival
    I’m doing the latter for certain..
    Go on or at least schedule one major vacation
    I meant myself, but our family is going on one in January
    Take a trip with my grandparents
    Work extensively on genealogy
    Make frozen custard
    I should’ve focused a bit more on, um, less costly options.

    I had tons of pressed flowers, so I’ve worked on tons of pages for my art journal. I’ve rather more pressed flower pages than I would like, but I’m still learning this art journal thing. These are my best pages to date (05/26/2017), I think.

    Didn’t that iris press gorgeously?!

    My paper back copy of the Jane Austen novels split, so I decided to use the pages for crafts.
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    Winter Bucket List

    ~Make shimmery snowflake garland with silver thread. Surely I can manage this.
    ~Bake several goodies. I’ve a couple baking books plus tons of bookmarks.
    ~Try some hot chocolate recipes. I’d really like to try some of the gourmet ones I’ve saved.
    ~Cook through a cookbook. This one; I love it.
    ~Read well. I want to be well on my way to my goal. I already am I think, but pride before the fall, lol.
    ~Learn to play Scotland Yard (if not also Mr. X, Whist, and Bridge).
    ~Work on music category. Learning, appreciating, etc.
    ~Begin serious genealogy. I can do plenty to prep before I pay I think.
    ~Wedding projects and purchases (by March 30). I haven’t got my dress and want to keep my eye out but not become to delayed.
    ~Have some spa days. I’d like to use up some products plus try a few recipes.
    ~Go ice skating. We’ll see.
    ~Complete Duolingo Spanish. Since I’m down to learning one language, this is reasonable.
    ~Watch a bunch of movies from my list. I just need to order a bunch from the library and this should be easy.
    ~Alter my sister’s bridesmaid dress. We all get to pick our dresses; they have to be short and blue or gray, so my three little sisters have theirs. The one I need to alter is a sheath, and I will be taking in the darts.
    ~Complete tons of knitting and a few sewing projects
    ~Work on my art journal. I’ve done a bit with my amazing new calligraphy pens, but I need to be more creative in my entries.
    ~Complete some art via classes. (Craftsy, Creativebug, and several YouTube channels).

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    Christmas Bucket List Completion

    ~Gingerbread house. I showed photos earlier. It was super cute and tasty even though it wasn’t durable.
    ~Christmas Cookie exchange. I made these Peppermint Meltaway Cookies.
    ~Watch Christmas singalong. We watched the two from our childhood.
    ~Try a Couple hot chocolate variations. Nope, I just put extract in mine but didn’t try any of my pinned recipes. I can put this on my winter bucket list though.
    ~Bake a fruitcake for Mamau and Papau. Yes, but I would’ve preferred to have rum to use to make it more flavorful and authentic.
    ~Make truffles for Christmas Eve. Didn’t have the chocolate or the time.
    ~Bake some Christmasy goodies. Didn’t have much time or inclination for more.
    ~Make shimmery snowflakes for room. Not yet. I’m going to move this to my January bucket list.
    ~12 Days of Christmas blogging. I’m going to give myself credit. I blogged quite a bit about Christmas; I think this may have been too restrictive.
    ~Buy, make, and wrap all gifts by the 21st. This didn’t happen. I wrapped a Christmas Eve gift on Christmas Eve and a Christmas gift on Christmas (although we celebrated it Monday).
    ~Read Christmas stories. I read Christmas with Anne and one story from the third collection of Christmas from the Heart.
    ~Watch a couple of old Christmas movies. White Christmas and Its a Wonderful Life.
    ~Watch tons of Hallmark. Of course although I think I may take a break if possible next year.

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    Christmas Season Bucket List

    ~Make a real tiny gingerbread house (cottage rather). I’ve pinned so many ideas. I want to use mostly icing and chocolate

    ~Participate again in the Christmas cookie exchange

    ~Try a couple variations of hot chocolate

    ~Bake a fruitcake for Mamau and Papau

    ~Watch Christmas singalong from my childhood (I found in the $5 bin at Walmart, I think)

    ~Bake some other Christmasy goodies

    ~Make chocolate truffles again for Christmas Eve

    ~Make shimmery snowflakes for my room; if possible decorate my own mini real tree

    ~12 Days of Christmas blogging (I don’t know if I even want to do this though . . . as long at it isn’t a burden)

    ~Buy, make, and wrap all gifts by the 21st

    ~Read Christmas stories

    ~Watch a couple of classic Christmas movies

    ~If possible, sew a Christmas dress; if not, complete another Christmas project