• Daily Life

    What’s in My Purse (Right Now)

    As of 1/7 this is most of what is in my purse. I love my J. Crew magic wallet that I bought on ebay last year. The bottle you cannot read is natural hand sanitizer; I need to remember to use it.
    The content of my purse changes and in summer I have sunglasses. I’d like to have a small beauty bag, a small comb, a tissue compact, a Swiss card or knife, and a first aid kit. I probably should carry a small bottle of SPF. I probably could minimize the sewing kit. I’d like a new umbrella.
    For that amount of stuff my purse is rather large. I like to have plenty of room to stuff my bullet journal, books, and etc. as I need. I bought this B. Makowsky purse at Clothes Mentor for $30 around 2 years ago. I love it.
  • Beauty and Fashion

    Accessories: Scarves

    This is my scarf collection minus one (a very important one: my first cashmere scarf). I have only in the last year seriously started my scarf collection and my winter selection is quite limited. I also would like to build my ethereal silk scarf collection. I am also hoping to find a real, white lace scarf.
    When you find a clothing item (particularly an accessory that is your color and style (and for me material), you need to snatch it up instead of waiting until you have something to match. If you buy colors in a color determination theory that suit you, all your colors should go together and you will eventually have something with which to wear the piece. And buying items you need when you need them can be disastrous and wasteful (like waaay to large to be easily altered, in a color or style you do not love, and etc.).

    When  I worked at Clothes Mentor one of the stores had a scarf tying sheet pinned to a bulletin board, and one style was this braided infinity style. I loved wearing my scarves this way last winter. I also liked tying the ends together to make a regular scarf into an infinity scarf. A customer also showed me a way to make a scarf into a wrap which she said a waitress had showed her; it involved folding it and tying ends together. I think the scarf may have to be a certain shape. I will have to research that. I need to experiment more with styles. I want to build a pin/brooch collection and also get jewelry pieces to turn a regular scarf into a scarf necklace like this. I have collected several tutorials and scarf style lists on Pinterest.

  • Beauty and Fashion

    My First Designer Purse

    I have had a suede leather purse, but it was small and I am not a fan of suede. I have usually only had cheaply made but expensive man-made material purses. I want to make some purses, but I will have to buy materials.

    Anyway. One of the Clothes Mentor stores had some of their designer purses 50% off a couple of weeks ago, and I bought this, for about $30. I LOVE it. I think it is so beautiful. And because designer purses are not always real leather (which is ridiculous considering their price), I double checked the tag inside to make sure it was real leather. Silver leather, how perfect.

    It matches with most of my wardrobe (except some items that are not my season), and the size and style fit my figure well. I tried it on at a mirror with some other purses also; I had not really thought of doing that and how important that is until I noticed customers doing it and felt the weight of some of my other purses. This is a good first step in improving this category of accessory. Now for a nice wallet, nude/cocoa purse, and some cute small cross-body purses for travel and long shopping days.