Is It “Mom” or “Mum” for Canada?

So, I reread┬áMagic for Marigold and then read The Coming Storm (set in P.E.I. in the mid 20th century) by a modern Canadian author. The former book used “mum” (L.M. Montgomery characters usually use “mother,” otherwise they use “mum”). The latter book used “mom.” I feel like I’ve only heard Canadians Youtubers* say “mom.”  … Continue reading Is It “Mom” or “Mum” for Canada?

20 Things I Wish I’d Known Before or During College

Take those CLEP, take them again if you have to, you could have saved yourself so much time and been able to take the more interesting advanced history classes you missed out on Watch your attitude and try to at least curb it Try to balance out your class participation, between total silence in a… Continue reading 20 Things I Wish I’d Known Before or During College

Migration by Countries

I found this cool interactive map (I’m pretty certain this is the same) a few years ago. I don’t always bookmark things and sometimes I bookmark and then purge indiscriminately because I’ve kept too many overly specific or no longer applicable things and so lose some good things. I was starting to be afraid I… Continue reading Migration by Countries

Origins of Foods

So, every time someone says eat produce locally and seasonally and such. I’m always think, “um, you know none of those foods are really native right?” And I think the seasonally part is based on domestication as well. I assume they mean to avoid shipping costs? That would make a difference. First of all: Grain… Continue reading Origins of Foods

Family Stories, Dating and Marriage in the late 1950’s: My Grandparents

My grandmother met my grandfather on a blind date set up by a couple that were mutual friends. My grandmother was around 17, a high school senior and my grandfather around 20, I think he was working in a grocery at that point. I think the first date or at least an early date involved… Continue reading Family Stories, Dating and Marriage in the late 1950’s: My Grandparents

Working on My Words

I think I’d been sitting listening to office gossip last fall when I first thought about cutting out gossip for New Years. In listening to myself and my speech and the constant (often double-standard) reproofs I get from most of my family (doesn’t help, that ain’t the way) and in thinking over some of my… Continue reading Working on My Words

Family Stories

Anyone from a rural state is probably going to have a hilarious catalog of stories from their grandparents and great-aunts and uncles plus fun nick names (Pickles, Wig). My maternal grandmother (Mamau)’s family was something else. I need to get a camera or ipad pro or something to take more recordings, phone isn’t good enough… Continue reading Family Stories

Christmas History

I tried to research Christmas history a few years ago, I read some books as part of A Literary Christmas. I basically held a vague understanding that early Christian married pagan elements (some Roman, some “barbarian”) to Christian concepts. But modern Christmas is modern Christmas with significant points (the tree, Santa Claus) brought from Germany… Continue reading Christmas History