Happy Independence Day!!!

Happy 4th y’all!!! I could hear fireworks on the 3rd, I’m not sure I can see any from my apartment. We spent the afternoon with extended family, but came back well before dark. I’m going to see some immediate family tomorrow. I’m really tired from staying up too late trying to finish a baby blanket… Continue reading Happy Independence Day!!!

Disaster Prep, Emergency Preparedness

I’m holding back on some of my historical and just human nature discussion. I do have paranoia issues, but also, I’d rather be “paranoid” in case turns out to be realistic than be “realistic” and have the craziness happen unprepared. There is a balance between what most people do in blowing all the their money… Continue reading Disaster Prep, Emergency Preparedness

May 2021 Goals

So, another big change. I was regretting my new job from basically the beginning. And I kept trying to talk myself into staying or at least staying until I got another opportunity. I hated it and actually think some really unethical stuff is going on (remind me to never work for the government or anything… Continue reading May 2021 Goals

How I Did on My Winter/1st Quarter 2021 Goals

I’m trying to go by seasons and pick a theme. The theme from now until March 20th is Foundations. Health Clean rest on Sunday (I heard this term for guilt free rest on The Perfectionism Project podcast, I don’t listen to it much, I find it hard to listen to, but I’ve received a few… Continue reading How I Did on My Winter/1st Quarter 2021 Goals