Spring Plans

I’ve updated my Spring list in my pages above. I will add to it as I find more Spring ideas and videos. I highly suggest Darling Desi’s 🌷How To Feel Like Springtime🌷 books, movies, tv shows & activity recommendations. I welcome any suggestions as well. I’m rather bummed that I’m already currently being fried/steamed with 80+… Continue reading Spring Plans


I’m not good at paying attention to the weather, usually relying on my mom and grandparents. But several occurrences have helped to motivate me to be more aware, ranging from inconvenient (England level of rain last spring) to terrifying (snowy/icy commutes from the city) to sobering (the devastating Mayfield tornado a couple hours southwest and… Continue reading Tornados

Countdown to Christmas: Week 3

At some point I realized I really should be knitting and watching Hallmark. I’m going to do a separate post on all the Hallmarks I watched this Christmas season. Day 15 Watched Christmas with Holly. Decorated my bedroom tree (!!!!!). It’s makes me SO happy! Read more of A Christmas Carol and opened the package… Continue reading Countdown to Christmas: Week 3

Countdown to Christmas: Week 2, December 8th to 14th

Day 8 5 Stages of Christmas lights “Who put these away . . . It was me, on Memorial day.” Romney Ellen’s Christmas Room Makeover. Loepsie’s 1st Christmas Vlog. Lit my Christmas Candle and read a bit of A Christmas Carol. Day 9 Lauren Johnson’s Reformation Style Christmas Dress Thrift Flip Day 10 Bought a… Continue reading Countdown to Christmas: Week 2, December 8th to 14th

My (Somewhat) Dramatic Autumn Thus Far

October = Castlemania. This time I started from the beginning (so good) and watched into season 6 thinking that maybe I’d be able to watch the whole show. Then 7 happened, and there is the sour note (and I’ve plenty to saw, so prepared to be bored by a few more Castle posts coming up).… Continue reading My (Somewhat) Dramatic Autumn Thus Far

Autumn Plans

I decided to do a seasonal for Autumn to do list rather than monthly. Minimalism and Self-Control Keep purchases careful Work on using up /pitching expired beauty products Make sure one in one out for Ladies’ Day  shopping trip, cull anything I’m not wearing or using or worn or dirty Knit 4 baby blankets (only… Continue reading Autumn Plans


Hello, please bear with my site changes. WordPress is infuriating and somehow I managed to get my siteground hosted WordPress (.org) product mixed in with my free wordpress.com account (which I use to follow blogs), which considering how everything is scrambled, isn’t that surprising. So I just deleted my WordPress.com account. Anyway, I’m trying to… Continue reading PSA

August 2021 Goals and a 96 Hour Workweek

I’ve got to get at least one part-time job. And possible also Doordash. It’s “hard” to get higher paying part time jobs with a part-time floating teller schedule, I should have not assumed I’d have enough money, especially with all the consumer debt I wracked up (It’s interesting how I’m the only spender in the… Continue reading August 2021 Goals and a 96 Hour Workweek

Summer Aesthetic, Themes, and All Things Summer ☀️

I’m having SO much fun planning and filling out my season Evernotes based on the categories I made. I think I’ll modify each and put them as a page during each season.  The movies are a list of movies from other bloggers’ summer suggestions plus anything else summery that I think I might like, so… Continue reading Summer Aesthetic, Themes, and All Things Summer ☀️

Seasonal Aesthetics and Atmosphere

I decided to try to make a general outline to work from for my seasonal Evernotes. If you have any more ideas, please let me know! Holidays Themes/Subjects/Atmosphere/Moods Books New Rereads Movies TV Music Activities/Events Taste/Scent Drinks Food Colors Flowers Fashion Styles Fabrics/Textures/Prints Nail Polish Jewelry Decor