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    Life Lately

    I did a birthday hike with my mom at the beginning of September (pics on my Instagram here). The rain gave us a lovely fog over the river (the photos don’t do it justice). And it also gave me a lovely wipeout. So we stopped at Target for an outfit before heading out to eat. And then I had my first facial with dermaplaning and an eyebrow wax. Highly recommend!

    And that was the highlight, lol. My web development course rather took it out of me. And I didn’t study extra like I needed, so this semester looked glum. Then I decided to be stupid and get on dating apps. And then did some other “research” on my looks and such involved with that. All of which served to make me crazy (and tended to get the “men are pigs” sentiment going quite nicely). Then as I was winding that catastrophic experiment down, I got covid (the week of our huge company walking challenge, which  would have normally put me right in 4th or 5th place!). I got enough better according to the current policies to do training (downtown) most of this past week and half of next. All the while trying to get a seasonal weekend job.

    I’ve been exhausted, but I’m mostly relaxing this Sunday, and trying to plan for a fun fall. I want to enjoy my favorite season!

    I’m looking to see if I can get a spot in the next semester for web dev and spend this semester studying. I’ve got a part-time weekend job that should start this month. I’m almost done with training, which should give me about 2 hours a day back and make it easier to pick my exercising back up. I’ve got my race with my mom at the middle/end of this month (with hopefully a bit of exploring after), and then the last week I’ve got a staycation (hallelujah!). I think I’ll try and start that off with another facial!

    I’m hoping I can get some fall decor and goodies next paycheck since, you know, it’s actually still fall! Hopefully it isn’t sold out since every season and holiday starts about two months earlier lately!!!!!

    My mom dropped off apples, apple cider, and an apple cider doughnut this week, and my sister and I had our seemingly annual fall get-together with some childhood friends complete with plenty of pumpkin treats. I also managed to snag a couple jars of pumpkin (I still had plenty of molasses, it took me so long to find last year I made sure to grab several, but I think I might still grab some more this year). I’m also thinking of the cozy savory fall foods to have like saurkraut, potatoes, and sausages, yum!

    I’m going to plan some more stuff for fall today, so to sign off, a video from the Autumnal expert herself.

    Here’s to Autumn and all things Autumnal!!!!!!! 

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    Summer Fun List 🌻

    Also, see this, this, and this Darling Desi video for more summer vibes.
    • Sunshine
    • Beach
    • Island
    • Adventure
    • Safari
    • Tropical
    • Jungle
    • Animals, Zoology, Oceanography
    • Nautical/Navy
    • Pirates
    • Westerns
    • summer sports movies
    • Vibrant, vivid
    • Bold, brave
    • Happy
    • Picnics
    • Island
    • Farming
    • Country
    • A Tangled Web  2021
    • Blue Castle 2021
    • Abby books  2021
    • Eight Cousins duology 2021
    • Ivanhoe 2021
      Katherine Paterson books 2021
    • Key to Extraordinary  2021
    • Mother 2021
    • Much Ado About Nothing 2021
    • Snicker of Magic 2021
    • Tangled Web 2021
    • The Borrowers 2021
    • To Kill a Mockingbird 2021
    • Ashtown Burials 2021
    • Leepike Ridge 2021
    • Annie Henry  2022
    • Little House books 2022
    • Boys of Blur 2022
    • Dianna Wynne Jones Books 2023
    • Mo and Dale Mysteries 2023
    • Witch of Blackbird Pond 2023
    • 100 Cupboards 2023
    • Stratton-Porter Books 2023
    • The Hunger Games 2024
    • MM Kaye 2024
    • Jane of Lantern HIll 2025
    • Magic for Marigold 2025
    • Corfu Trilogy 2025
    • Dandelion Wine
    • Classics Club
      • JULY Ben Franklin autobiography
      • JULY The Federalist and The Anti-Federalist Papers
      • A Good Man is Hard to Find or other Flannery O’Connor novel
      • 20 Thousand Leagues Under the Sea or another novel by Jules Verne
      • A Toni Morrison novel
      • Another Maria Edgeworth novel
      • Count of Monte Cristo by Alexander Dumas SUMMER
      • Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams
      • Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
      • Grapes of Wrath and/or East of Eden and/or Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck
      • Interesting Narrative of Olaudah Equiano
      • Kristen Lavransdatter by Sigrid Undset
      • O’ Pioneers and/or Shadows on the Rock by Willa Cather
      • The Enchanted Castle and other works by E. Nesbit
      • Treasure Island by Robert Lewis Stevenson
      • War and Peace by Leo Tolstoy
    • See Reading list
    • Jules Verne
    • Mariner
    • Western
    • Beachy
    • PG Wodehouse
    • Wendell Berry
    • That David Person of essays
    • A Season for Second Chances
    • Because of Winn Dixie, other animal stories
    • Westerns
      • Destry Rides Again (1939)
      • Along Came Jones (1945)
      • Texas Across the River (1966)
      • Support Your Local Sheriff (1969)
      • North to Alaska (1960)
      • Angel and the Badman (1947)
      • Gunfight in Abilene (1967)
      • The Virginian (2000)
      • The Sheepman (1958)
      • Saskatchewan (1954)
      • Hildago
      • Only the Valiant (Peck!!!)
    • Beachy/sea
    • Nautical
      • Gregory Peck Horatio Hornblower
      • The Horation Hornblower TV series
      • Master and Commander
      • Sea Hawk
    • 1940 P and P
    • Summer-y sports movies
      • Baseball
        • The Natural
        • Moneyball
        • Angels in the Outfield
        • 42
        • The Sandlot
        • A League of Their Own
        • Field of Dreams
      • Football
        • We are Marshall
        • Remember the Titans
        • Rudy
        • The Blind Side
        • Friday Night Lights
      • Tennis
        • Wimbledon
      • Golf
        • The Greatest Game Ever Played
        • Caddyshack
      • Soccer
        • Bend it Like Beckham
    • Adventure
      • Indiana Jones
      • National Treasure
    • Dirty Dancing 1 and 2
    • Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants
    • Grease
    • Footloose
    • Indiana Jones (actually summer)
    • Fisherman’s Friends
    • The Dig
    • Aquamarine
    • 500 Days of Summer
    • Little Miss Sunshine
    • Pompeii
    • The Hannah Montana Movie
    • Roman Holiday
    • Say Anything
    • Monte Carlo
    • The Parent Trap
    • Walking on Sunshine
    • Crazy Rich Asians
    • Stand by Me
    • Adventureland?
    • The Notebook
    • A Room with a View
    • Anime Laid Back Camp
    • The Durrells
    • Mary Stewart Moonspiners
    Activities/Bucket List
    • Shaved Ice
    • Gelato
    • Farmers Market
    • Picnics
    • Lakes, beaches (except I prefer them cooler?!)
    • Swim with Bjorn
    • Peach and berry picking
    • Drive in movie
    • Gardening, picking, canning, and such
    • Make ice cream and sorbet
    • Tennis lessons
    • Horseback riding lessons
    • Work on my balcony, projects
    • Citrus
    • Berries
    • Fresh air
    • florals
    • Garden produce
    • All types of lemonades
    • Iced tea (esp. Trade Winds Raspberry! I also need to find a good peach tea)
    • Cordials, punch, and such
    • To try:
      • White Peach Cranberry Juice mentioned by Marian
      • Milk tea from Elizabeth’s post
      • Find a recipe (I think I had one saved at one time) for a raspberry cordial like Anne and Diana thought they were drinking
      • I feel like I saw in a Little Women recipe book some sort of nectar drink I wanted to try
      • I also feel like I noticed a recipe in my Mitford cookbook a tea or punch or something I wanted to try
    • Sandwiches
    • Barbecues, grilled foods, cookouts, that type of food
    • Tacos, taco soup
    • Homemade ice-cream
    • Bright berry and citrus and floral type colors
    • Bright ocean and beach colors
    • Earthy adventure/safari tones
    • Styles
      • Nautical
      • Beachy
      • Maxi
      • Vintage play suits
      • Palazzo pants
      • Summer-y boho
      • Clog sandals
      • Espadrilles
      • Not so much my style, but animal print, explorer/safari style fits well with summer
      • Straw hats
      • Hair scarves
    • Fabrics/Textures/Prints
      • Florals, brighter than Spring, dandelion prints
      • Watermelon, lemon, fruit prints
      • Polka dots
      • Nautical
      • Gingham
      • Stripes
      • Cotton voile
      • Linen
    • Nail Polish/Beauty
      • Bright colors
      • Sheer, jelly shimmers in bright colors
      • Self tanner?
    • Jewelry
      • Nose rings
      • Toe Rings
      • Anklets
      • Beach glass
      • Berries, global, rustic
      • Minimal jewelry?
      • Metallic temporary tattoos
      • Feather earrings
    • Fresh flowers!!!!
    • Bowls of fruit
    • Seashells, sea glass
    • Baskets
    • Gauzy curtains
    • Polka dot or checked or striped table cloths
    • Outdoor living mainly
    • Hammocks
    • Gardens
    Again, please offer any suggestions!!!!!
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    Life Lately

    Edit and note. Don’t write posts on days when you are feeling a bit blue. Rather warps perception you know? Actually I knew this was rather whiney then, but the next day? Wow, I’m embarrassed. So let’s try some rephrasing/reformatting.


    • I’ve been doing a local web development course which is more helpful than I expected (and it’s free!).
    • I’ve been running (I’m on my 3rd week) with the C25k program. And I’ve been getting up early to accomplish this.
    • I’ve been adding a walk in on most of my non-run days this last week, so out of the last 8 days, I’ve hit at least 10,000 steps.
    • I’m working with my doctor on some elimination diets to see if I have food allergies, so I’ve been eating better and have lost 3 pounds in the last two weeks.
    • I’ve not read much this year, so I got the Jeeves and Wooster books to try to get me out of the slump. I also started The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea for Darling Desi’s June Buddy Read. I’ve not got far but its got perfectly mystical summer vibes.
    • I’ve not killed any plants I bought, and it looks like I’m going to be getting some tomatoes to eat very soon (I’ve already been using my herbs).

    Fun Stuff

    • I went strawberry picking with my mom (and ate all the strawberries within the week, yum!).
    • I made this carrot cake for memorial day, definitely a winner. I, of course, forgot to take a photo.
    • My sisters and sister-in-law bought tickets for the travelling broadway Anastasia that is coming back to town this August. Remember the one I was trying to go to for my 30th and covid cancellation? That one. I think its going to be way more fun this way. Especially since I can get a ride with someone.
    • Looking forward to blackberry and peach season!

    Things to Work On

    • I’m rather burned out/overwhelmed a bit/underneath it all. This usually shows up on the weekends. And I’m going to crash and burn if I don’t start matching an earlier bed time with my early rise time. I also feel like I need to figure out how to get more energy and time management because my life is easy, so I feel like I should feel like I have more time and energy.
    • Time management/information overload. I think this should help the above some. I have about 60 tabs on my main browser and many on my two(!) secondary browsers. And yeah, my mind might be kind of like that. I don’t need to keep up with all the influencers, channels, etc. I don’t need to research every single topic to the nth degree.
    • My cholesterol is high so I got put on cholesterol medication. This is the major motivation for my exercise and a motivation to work on my diet more. My goal is to get off the medication as soon as I can.


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    What I’ve Been Up To

    I can’t remember my last update, so


    I became full-time at my job which I needed but because of the commute wasn’t worth it except as a temporary opportunity in case the full bank buy transition would open things up, so I was still actively looking especially since I was took my Cold War with my bosses to more of a warm one. I didn’t get any change and couldn’t wait, so I accepted another position at another bank with improved conditions, and then literally on my 3rd to last day, I was offered literally exactly what I wanted, full-time and the nearest location (like 5 minutes) to my apartment.

    It’s an improvement on the last year, especially the beginning of this one, but it’s not well-paying. It would have been a great entry-level job for a recent college grad interesting in climbing up in the banking world. For me it’s a decent temporary solution.


    So, I’m also enrolled in a local web development course. I’d taken courses in college, but it wasn’t worth the cost, and I changed direction, and I’d studied on my own, but kept running to ground on Javascript. And this offers networking and job search help. Thus far, I’m really hopeful.


    I have more time and more knowledge, so I’ve managed to start a little grow pot garden on my balcony from purchased plants, and I’ve now successfully planted the basil seeds Mom gave me, they are tiny, but they did germinate.

    I finally purchased some Jovial einkorn flour. And I just started day 1 of their sourdough started, and I’m trying this recipe while I wait for my started to grow.

    I tried sauerkraut, but I need to try again. That’s all I’ll say for that experiment.

    I finally got Bjorn groomed, so he’s been “reset”, so now I’m trying to get him brushed almost every day. He was a little ragamuffin.


    Just normal family gatherings. And a family wedding which was the most fun I’ve had, because I care less than I’ve ever done (which is still too much) about what people think and was forcing myself to try and not think about it and just enjoy.

    So my reading has been abysmal this year. Between less time, lack of focus, and lack of books that can really pull me in, I’ve read a whopping 16 books this year and one of those was a graphic novel. The graphic novel and a nonfiction book were definite winners. There were a lot of meh books. I need to find more wins, especially that introduce me to new authors where I can just read about any of their books and enjoy it. So, I’m focusing on that.


    I felt like we hardly had a spring last year and it got hot too fast, but I think that was because it rained so much more than usual all April and May as if we were England (seriously, I looked up rain amounts). Well short spring this year, because 80’s in the beginning of May, I’m not sure if we’ve reached 90 or not, but we might before the end of the month. Awesome, I love being steam cooked.

    I learned in Virginia that a pineapple is a sign of hospitality, at least for some of the South (clearly not this lady). Well, I learned (at work, here I was thinking banking was going to be so prim and proper) that an upside down one is the sign of TOO much hospitality. In short, it means you are open to swing. As in swingers. I’ll leave you to mull that one over.

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    What I Watched December 2021 and January and February 2022

    • Watched Hallmark Christmas movies in December, obviously.
    • Started Hawkeye, remembered I needed to watch Black Widow in the middle, so I watched that (tear jerker!) and then finished Hawkeye (and I think that was a tear jerker too a bit).
    • Shang-Chi
    • Wedding Veil trilogy on Hallmark. I want the wardrobe of the lead in the 2nd on, I mean, like me to a T. I actually have saved to buy and bought patterns based off her style.
    • Rewatched Parks and Rec on Peacock (this definitely peaked by season 4 although there are still hysterical bits in that season, I was pretty much done before 5).
    • Brooklyn 99 (this meme crossover of Holt and Mrs. Bennet brought it back to my attention and then at my sister’s I got hooked on the show AND saw that episode, pretty awesome). I can’t say it’s a favorite, and I think I only got into maybe the beginning of season 3 (although I’ll pick it back up another time). I did enjoy it more than the first attempt (that Pilot is just not great). I think part of it, is I need found family on or in a genre, not just that (usually mystery, suspense, etc). And this didn’t really deliver anything else. Which just doesn’t hold me attention, and the found family part felt flat as well. (And I think it’s why I don’t love Parks and Rec like I love Psych for example). It did have great quotes, but I missed documenting a lot.

    Holt, walking into his office where Peralta is waiting:
    “Brief me on the hotel robberies.”
    “Helpful hint to the scientists that program you, most humans say, ‘Hello’ at the beginning of a conversation.”
    . . .
    “Keep me updated.”
    “Another helpful hint–”
    “It’s learning! What?”

    Also, it’s awesome that the “Mayhem, like me” from the All State commercial is the Vulture.

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    Spring Plans

    I’ve updated my Spring list in my pages above. I will add to it as I find more Spring ideas and videos. I highly suggest Darling Desi’s 🌷How To Feel Like Springtime🌷 books, movies, tv shows & activity recommendations. I welcome any suggestions as well.

    I’m rather bummed that I’m already currently being fried/steamed with 80+ (sometime humid) degree weather (we broke a record earlier this week). So it feels like summer, I’m wanting to enjoy spring first!!! Not have an endless (5 month!!!!) summer.

    Here is my currently bucket list. I also should include . . . blog more. I should have more time with my new schedule on the weekends, so hopefully I should have more mental energy. And maybe I can eventually get my blog redesigned.

    Activities/Bucket List
    • Basically a lot of summery things that I would die of heat if I did these in summer (might still in the spring since it’s early May and this week is 80’s)
    • Make a giant pouf/beanbag to sit on my balcony and read
    • Visit parks and nature preserves, hopefully to see spring flowers
    • Farmers Market
    • Plant a balcony garden
    • I’d like to visit some local nurseries and plant shops and not just get everything from Lowe’s and such
    • Picnic
    • Hiking
    • Dog park
    • Garden parties, tea parties
    • Reading outside
    • Camping
    • U-pick strawberries
    • Bake a strawberry cake
    • Maybe make strawberry jam
    • Learn watercolor
    • Do more fan sketches again
    • Learn pastels/crayons
    • Make some spring goodies
    • Swimming


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    I’m not good at paying attention to the weather, usually relying on my mom and grandparents. But several occurrences have helped to motivate me to be more aware, ranging from inconvenient (England level of rain last spring) to terrifying (snowy/icy commutes from the city) to sobering (the devastating Mayfield tornado a couple hours southwest and sleeping through the sirens)

    I’m used to tornado sirens and heading to the basement, all my life every once in a while we would have to, but nothing ever happened beyond maybe losing electricity. There was a bad tornado in the 70’s but even though occasionally they’d be sighted, we’d never get one on the higher end of the scale until last year. We aren’t technically in tornado alley, just near it. A bit of a boy who cried wolf situation.

    However, like I said, the Mayfield situation gave me pause (especially since I’m on the 2nd floor of an apartment), so when a coworker kept mentioning the storm, I checked the weather (tornado watch) and looked up (again) the difference between watch and warning, rather lackadaisically.

    Later I heard sirens. Hmm, check my phone. Warning. Oh, and a tornado sighted where some of my family lives in the city. And then the warning is literally for all the counties my family spread out in. So Bjorn and I adjoin to the bathroom, and I try to figure out where all the family is. Most of us don’t have basements. And then another tornado (or the same one moving) is sighted where a sister lives (moving my way). About 30″ the warning is past for where I am.

    I couldn’t hear any crazy weather. And this morning I did hear of some barns being smashed and electricity poles, but nothing crazy, and when I was following the news and looking up tornados, I don’t think any of them were more than category 1. However, good practice for me to pay attention. Also a reminder that I value a basement whenever I get my own home.

    Oh, and when I typed in “tornado” to search watch and warning, the first autofill option was “tornado alley moving east.” Awesome.

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    Countdown to Christmas: Week 3

    At some point I realized I really should be knitting and watching Hallmark. I’m going to do a separate post on all the Hallmarks I watched this Christmas season.

    Day 15

    1. Watched Christmas with Holly.
    2. Decorated my bedroom tree (!!!!!). It’s makes me SO happy!
    3. Read more of A Christmas Carol and opened the package for page 93, a book (!!!) from the Christmas TBR (!!!) The Man Who Invented Christmas!

    Day 16

    1. Watched A Dickens of a Holiday.
    2. Finished A Christmas Carol and opened the last gift which was a infinity scarf with book pages printed on it, so cute.

    Day 17

    1. Watched Open By Christmas.
    2. Wrapped another gift.
    3. Trey’s Hallmark spoof. (You know, for variety in between bingeing Hallmark . . .)
    4. Watched Next Stop, Christmas.
    5. Watched Signed, Sealed, Delivered Christmas.
    6. Moms at Christmas.

    Day 18

    1. Watched The Santa Stakeout. “Matching Christmas Sweaters, what are we, poodles?”
    2. Lauren Johnson’s Christmas Wardrobe and her small gift diy video.
    3. Rosery Apparel gift videos: 1 and 2.
    4. The Christmas Contest.

    Day 19

    1. Finished Five More Minutes.
    2. Started One December Night.
    3. Started reading The Man Who Invented Christmas.

    Day 20

    1. Read The Christmas List (it was suuuper busy at work . . .).
    2. Finished watching One December Night.
    3. Started An Unexpected Christmas.

    Day 21

    1. Finished An Unexpected Christmas
    2. Every Dad at Christmas
    3. Lauren Johnson’s video on restoring a 1930’s red velvet dress
    4. Darling Desi’s Christmas video (definitely will rewatch, esp to takes notes).
    5. Ruby Granger Christmas prep vlog.
    6. Loepsie Christmas Vlog #3.
    7. Started Holiday for Heroes. I think I might have seen this one before, may not finish.

    Day 22

    1. Started Tis the Season to be Merry. “The holidays just ended up kind of scattered for me which I think in a funny twist of fate is why I do what I do.” “What, dating imaginary men?”
    2. Every Kid at Christmas

    Day 23

    1. Always Leave Christmas Shopping to the Very Last Minute
    2. Lauren Johnson’s gold glamorous old Hollywood dress sew along
    3. 5 Stages of Christmas
    4. Watched Crashing Christmas.
    5. Started watching A Joyous Christmas.
    6. Finished two baby blankets and washed and blocked them (please dry quickly!!!). It will be a miracle if the third gets finished on Christmas Eve.
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    Countdown to Christmas: Week 2, December 8th to 14th

    Day 8

    Day 9

    Day 10

    • Bought a real wreath and poinsettias!
    • Bought candy canes and some ingredients for Christmas goodies.
    • Found a way to watch current Hallmark movies (that way is NOT Halmmark NOW, that doesn’t have any or many current videos, it is a TV channel option (here). So I scheduled some recordings.
    • Got Bjorn’s Christmas bow, can’t wait to put it on him!
    • Read more of A Christmas Carol.
    • Slept through the storm and tornado warnings and sirens (more on that later).

    Day 11

    • Bought 2 trees, more lights, and more stuff for Christmas candymaking (and marshmallows, heretofor I had been having hot chocolate w/o marshmellows)
    • Watched Episode 9 of Lauren’s Christmas Vlogmas.
    • Started getting out Christmas decorations.
    • Hot chocolate WITH marshmallows!
    • Started a Hallmark movie, Making Spirits Bright.
    • Bought 2 more Christmas gifts.
    • Tested my new lights in the dark which really gave me a jolt of cozy Christmas spirit, warm (not too warm) white Christmas lights make me so happy.

    Day 12

    • Finished the Hallmark movie Making Spirits Bright.
    • Worked more on putting away Autumn and getting out Christmas.
    • Put lights, ribbon, cinnamon men and a few ornaments on my tiny tree in living room.
    • Hung my wreath.
    • Watched another Hallmark, Eight Gifts of Hanukkah
    • Decorated my sideboard/bar area with my nativity.

    Day 13

    • Finished decorating my little living room tree and mostly my bookcase.
    • Watched a Hallmark, My Christmas Family Tree.

    Day 14

    • Watched Ruby Granger’s Christmas Vlog.
    • Watched her Christmas gift ideas video.
    • Read half of John Grisham’s Skipping Christmas. I thought it was funny, but then they end up caving. This sounds like I’m a Scrooge, I’m not usually, I’m just contrary. And is anyone really this conformist about Christmas?
    • Watched another Hallmark, Christmas in Tahoe.
    • Finally got a tree stand and put up my tree in my bedroom.
    • Read more of A Christmas Carol and opened the package for page 75, spiced caramel popcorn. This box is SUCH a treat!

    I’ve since decorated a bit more, and I have a few more things to put up, and then I think I’ll call it done and will take photos for Instagram.

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    My (Somewhat) Dramatic Autumn Thus Far

    October = Castlemania. This time I started from the beginning (so good) and watched into season 6 thinking that maybe I’d be able to watch the whole show. Then 7 happened, and there is the sour note (and I’ve plenty to saw, so prepared to be bored by a few more Castle posts coming up).

    I enjoyed the banter (the early seasons are especially good) and the relationships. I was getting SUPER jumpy and freaked out at night, plus didn’t want see some of the stuff (because it has a happen of flashing into my mind at night, awesome), so I started skipping the actual murders and murder scenes more aggressively.

    Also, I do not like Halloween. I’m not as terrified as a kid, but between Castle and a (mild to most people) spooky day Youtube video, I got the most graphic nightmare, still remember it.

    I actually started out watching Only Murders in the Building and then got caught up. So I tried Castle and like I said, Castlemania. I mean, I didn’t want to read or watch anything else.

    Some professional ATM robbers hit a bank near where I live (stealing my neighbor’s truck to do so), meaning they were in MY complex!). Then they hit one of my bank’s locations here in town. So that was interesting.

    Not going to lie, not sure that really scared me. I’m not sure how much it would have bothered me. Castle was SO in my head, that (plus every news story I’ve ever read) was what was making me paranoid.

    Then I called the police on someone for the first time ever. One morning after I’d literally just ordered some extra door jamming protection (!), I saw someone walking behind my apartment, in what is essentially like a private backyard for my line of buildings with a tree line separating us from the back of Kroger. It seemed that this person possibly may have slept a few yards from my bedroom (I’m second floor, but the ground sweeps up to a higher level). Um, that is going to be an absolute NO from me.

    Anyway, apparently they’d gotten calls before about this person. Someone at work said the cops wouldn’t do anything out here as they were all 70 years old. They aren’t. A really cute young policeman* came when my car was hit in my work parking lot while I was working. Yeah, that happened too.

    Oh, and I don’t think I mentioned, early one morning in September, I headed next door to Kroger, feeling productive . . . and busted my wheel on a curb, so that was I think $500 (I had some regular stuff done, so I don’t remember the exact breakdown). Awesome.

    The kid backed into my car on that side. Again, awesome. I don’t think he did any major damage, but you can tell it’s been hit well. So it matches the other side, when last year I ran over a curb (notice a pattern?) and messed up the bottom edge a bit. Still haven’t had that fixed since it wasn’t necessary to function and it wouldn’t be someone else’s insurance paying . . .

    Oh, and I tried to poison Bjorn. Apparently grapes are poisonous to dogs?! I knew in the back of my mind I should check before giving them to him, but I was lazy and didn’t. He had some potty issues, nothing major, I thought I’d been giving him too many treats, then when I was eating breakfast and he was begging for grapes, that got me to check. Yep, poisonous. Poor baby. He did get treats then because Mommy tried to kill him. So I’m going to be much more careful.

    Speaking of Bjornling, I got some photos of him in his bat wings which I shared on Instagram. Since he’s not a fan of being still, especially when I have treats and because I stupidly didn’t get a video you can’t see the full effect, but it was cute and hilarious.

    In less dramatic news, I sewed 4 skirts thus far (and put in all 4 zippers on the first try very well, yay me!), knitted most of a baby blanket, reorganized my craft stuff and apartment (huge project, not quite done and will always tweak), and tried another mystery author (Josephine Tey) that I enjoyed and another fluff romance author (Berta Ruck). I’ve also made several fall-ish soups, pumpkin bread, and butterscotch chip cookies. I also reread North and South.

    Oh, also as part of Darling Desi’s fall list, I read by candlelight a few times (the actual reading is great with a kindle with its own light, not so great with a normal book), which was so much fun and atmospheric and pretty (for proof, see pretty photo that I’m proud of on Instagram). I’m hoping to do a several more of her ideas this month as well.



    *He’s probably married, should have checked for a ring, I think I saw one. Guys around here even younger much less my age either are already married with kids or have several baby mamas.

  • Daily Life

    Autumn Plans

    I decided to do a seasonal for Autumn to do list rather than monthly.

    Minimalism and Self-Control

    • Keep purchases careful
    • Work on using up /pitching expired beauty products
    • Make sure one in one out for Ladies’ Day  shopping trip, cull anything I’m not wearing or using or worn or dirty
    • Knit 4 baby blankets (only need to buy pink) by Ladies’ Day
    • Start some stash busting blankets for different sized yarns
    • Knit some shawls from the yarn I have for that purpose
    • Sell computer & phone
    • Access old photos & files & dispose of dinosaur computer & ATT old box and any other tech clutter
    • Sell the rest of FB marketplace (jewelry armoire), Clothes Mentor (purse and wallet), & Ebay stuff (I actually already sold something this month that I was afraid was going to be tedious to sell, yes!!)
    • Dye and sew my fabric for Fall and Winter to use up


    • Continue to purchase more consciously, including fall wardrobe
    • Have my debt to a certain number or less & my net worth to a certain number
    • Have money saved for Christmas, Black Friday, and Ladies’ Day, so I’m not pinched
    • See if I can do state taxes so late

    Learning and Career

    • Work through several Web dev and graphic design books
    • See if I can finish both Treehouse program & Code Academy
    • Have a more secure job situation
    • Private goal
    • Start volunteering at historical society


    • Get Bjorn potty trained & better obedience trained
    • If possible get more household items for cleaning and organization and set up my place better
    • If possible recover my couch

    Health and Beauty

    • Build better stretch exercise habits and buy the weights and foam blocks and such I want
    • Take ice skating lessons or at least buy ice skates and sign up for the winter
    • Lose 20lbs
    • Have a better recipe rotation
    • Better sleep habits
    • Stock up on sunscreen, have a more streamlined skincare routine in place
    • Laser & facials


    • Try to enjoy the season better and do some bucket list/fun list activities
    • Maybe do a few things to step outside my comfort zone
    • Read 30-40 more books
    • Participate in North and South readalong discussion
    • Work on my blog design
    • Have better habits, rise, study, screen time
    • Clear out emails, documents, photos, and Evernotes
    • Therapy?