Autumn Fun List 🍂

Here is my current Autumnal list. Bear in mind that I’ve collected the media recommendations from others and can’t vouch for them if I’ve not seen them yet. Also, I will be adding to this as I get suggests and watch more wonderful Autumn videos! Seasons Thanksgiving Halloween Themes/Subjects/Atmosphere/Mood Astronomy, stargazing Harvest Forests, woodlands Myths,… Continue reading Autumn Fun List 🍂

Love at First Sight Myth

The “love at first sight” love is Eros or at least the beginning of it. Of course you can have instant sexual attraction and euphoria, certainly that can be a part of true love, but just because you have instant sexual attraction for someone doesn’t automatically mean it will turn into love. So I don’t… Continue reading Love at First Sight Myth

Types of Love

I think a lot of romance myths (The One/Soulmates Myth, The Love at First Sight Myth, Falling In or Out of Love Myth) spring from a superficial definition of love. I think its useful to use the ancient Greek words for love since two in particular I learned as part of New Testament* understanding in… Continue reading Types of Love

Random Pop Culture and Other Hilarious Stuff

Barnes and Noble Revamp and What Book is Popular in Each State Drew Gooden’s discussion of how American TV lets shows go on too long Including a discussion of the total war destruction that was the end of That 70’s Show. Thank you, yes! Also, his comparison of how Friends would have ended if they followed similar horrific… Continue reading Random Pop Culture and Other Hilarious Stuff

The Original English Accent

When Brits get irritated with us about “their language” or us mentioning their accent:   It’s our language too, and some of us are literally the same people. We literally have a ton more English speakers. And most to the point I’d heard (and have now confirmed), we actually have less of accent change than… Continue reading The Original English Accent

U.S. and North American Accents

The Wired Accent expert Erik Singer that I mentioned in earlier posts has a series of three videos going into depth of the various U.S. accents. I didn’t know there were so many. He speaks in the accents when describing them as well (so cool!) It is SO fascinating. Obviously, he can’t hit every single… Continue reading U.S. and North American Accents


These are some of the best quotes thus far (plus there are tons of situation humor sections that are obviously not reproducible).   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   “Abed, nice to know you and then meet you, in that order.”   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~    “Anyway um, are you two an item? And if so, would that item be impervious… Continue reading Community

Guys and Dolls (1955)

So many hilarious quotes and scenes.   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   “I am not putting the knock on dolls. It’s just that they are something to have around only when they come in handy… like cough drops.”   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   “It just struck me that nonsinners have problems.”   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   “‘There is no peace unto the… Continue reading Guys and Dolls (1955)

People will Talk 1951

At the risk of spoiling the movie, here are all my favorite quotes. Old movies always have such zingers.      “You’re a professor and it’s hard to make you understand anything that ain’t in a book. Well most of what goes on in the world ain’t in a book.”   ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~   “One of… Continue reading People will Talk 1951

Dark, Light, Romantic, Etc. Academia: Prepping for Fall, Autumn

It will be a bit over 1.5 months until the actual Autumnal equinox and start of Autumn and yet another month after that before Autumn temperatures actually arrive where I’m at in the world. But I’ve seen some Dark Academia stuff and have been inspired to plan ahead.   My Autumn Evernote is already the… Continue reading Dark, Light, Romantic, Etc. Academia: Prepping for Fall, Autumn

What I Watched June 2021: Youtube Humor

I’m usually irritated with Youtube for suggesting people I already know about or even videos of people I follow (thanks, I know how to find those myself), but somehow I stumbled on Jaime French’s Makeup and Movies. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ I started with Raise Your Voice review. I was crying with laughter. Her humor reminds me of… Continue reading What I Watched June 2021: Youtube Humor