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What I Watched August and September

I didn’t do a great job at tracking everything, so I may have missed a few things, I feel like I watched 10 Things I Hate About You somewhere in these months.




The Makeover (Hallmark)

“If I belonged to a younger generation, I would say,’Dang, he is fine!'” “Might I remind you that is the exact generation we are trying to rescue from such phrases?”

The Terminal List. Um yeah, skipped a lot, probably should have stopped it early on. Beyond morally questionable. Went from understandable targeted vigilantism (but with unjustifiable methods, aka torture!) to “sucks if you are in my way.”

The Expanse. Dad has been obsessed with this show since it’s been on Amazon, and so after the above show, I opted to try it. Less overtly, over the top violence, but still I can’t deal with that “amoral” and actually immoral, zero sum, dehumanizing choices and viewpoints. I didn’t pursue past the first episode or so of season two (wasn’t interested in the new people either). I was burned out with moral ambivalence (to put it generously) and violence.

Cranford and Return to Cranford (a family friend/dad said there is also, “Sick of Cranford”). I got Britbox again, and after stupidly trying some violent shows (Rachel, do you ever learn?). I finally settled on fairly relaxing. I’d had these on my list for forever (aka, mainly because of Tom Hiddleston, hello). Wow, there is a lot of death though, but when I honestly thought about it, in the real time period, there actually probably was more! The last season felt really rushed.

What If. I’d seen this on a post of Olivia’s and added a few from her list to my TBR. But sometimes those just sit there. I was searching for funny or something on Amazon Prime, and this popped up. And wow, this is a new comfort rom-com (up there with Leap Year, Clueless, 10 Things I Hate About You). My sisters make fun of me for rewatching my favorites very close together, but I seriously might just turn around and watch this again. Super cute and funny and minimal of the stupid miscommunication drama (and when it happens, real grown-up apologies from both parties). Just happiness and comfort. Also, side note, I might actually get a tattoo, I didn’t realize/hadn’t seen, actually feminine ones before. We’ll see. Who is this woman talking?!!!

More Boy Meets World. I needed some funny, comfort, so I tried to pick up about where I left off in the Spring.

“Feeny with an earring.”

. . .

“Shawn, he’s on to us, he singled us out on the first day.”
“No, Cory, he singled you out on the first day, you singled me out.”



  • Skye

    I’ve been meaning to watch the What If one, I think Adam Driver is in that one, and that was my sole reason. XD
    Boy Meets World is the best! My friend and I are constantly quoting it to each other.

  • Elizabeth Egely

    10 Things I Hate About You is one of my feel-good after a breakdown movies. Boy Meets World just feels so pure it’s definitley something special.
    Curious about What if.
    What tattoos were you thinking! I’ve wanted to get one for ages but I’ve never been able to commit to a picture

    • Rachel Olivia

      I looked into getting white ones, but at work when talking to the girlfriend of the popular local tattoo artist, she said he doesn’t recommend those, they don’t last. I can’t stand the black ones, outline or otherwise, so unless I wanted to get a meaningful one in color or brown, I think I’ll stick to temporary.

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