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What I Watched April: Why Didn’t They Ask Evans and White Collar

Why Didn’t They Ask Evans. This was so good. Just the perfect length and loved the scenery, wanted to steal some of Frankie’s clothes (well the dress she stole from her mother).
“Frankie, I hope you won’t be offended if I tell you I’m not quite ready to kill myself over you yet.”
White Collar.¬†I watched this in April and May I think. I loved this, then it turned sour for me at the end of season 2, beginning of season 3, I wasn’t expecting that so soon. I dislike that the build up of maturity and trust got torn down and reset. Terrible plotting, and I just felt the writing got weaker. After I sulked I came back and watched a bit more of season 3 in June, it bounced back a bit. I didn’t get back into it the same way, and I’m not sure how much more I will watch since I know there are other things I won’t like (Neal’s love life, I’m Neal and Sara forever, also felt like they rushed that a bit in season 3 considering how 2 left off).
This show has such snappy dialogue, I love it. I got lots of quotes, and I think I could have got more. I’m splitting this into two posts. I think I accidently mixed up some of the chronology though.
“What, you need me for this? You’re uncomfortable around the six year old.”
“I don’t speak that language.”
“I do?”
“Yeah, you do, Peter Pan. Come on.”
“He’s . . . odd?”
“In a good way.”
“Who is this guy?”
Later, knocking
“Mrs. Suit, I take it.”
“Ok, I don’t have it.”
“Look at that, telling the truth, did it hurt?”
“Isn’t that the place where you put Neal when he was first released.”
“They have an interesting no heat policy.”
“I don’t need amenities. Just give me a wall, a tv, and a bed and I’m happy.”
“Are you serious?
“Peter mi casa su casa.”
“Su casa is not even su casa.”
“I’ve got to check into my hotel.”
“No, no, no, motel, motel, with an ‘m.'”
“You’re letting the pantsuit use you as bait to catch Wilkes? Doesn’t that strike as insane?”
“I’m going to a club, the feds will be outside”
“This is the same Wilkes that wants you dismembered right?”
“Dismembered is slightly overstating it, you are being paranoid.”
“Paranoia is a skill, the secret to longevity.”
My thoughts precisely.
“Mozzie still won’t tell me what he does for a living, do you know?”
“I know enough not to ask.”
“What’s your plan a gun in the glove compartment?”
“That’s your plan, a gun in the glove compartment!”
“Admit it Peter, we’d make a pretty decent team.”
“Bank robbers.”
“I see you smiling, come on the infamous Caffrey and Burke, we’d be legends.”
“Yeah, I can see the wanted posters right now but it would be Burke and Caffrey.”
“I want this guy.”
“Hell hath no fury like a Fed scorned.”
“Stay here and read it. ‘There are many things which a wise man might wish to be ignorant.'” “Emmerson.”
“Very good. “
“‘All of your quotes are getting on my nerves. Peter Burke.'”
“What are you doing in a Federal building dressed like Truman Capote?”
“What exactly is the nature of your relationship with Gina?”
“Intellectual, literal, ongoing.”
“Is he stalking her?”
“I’d have to look up the legal definition.”
“I haven’t slept since this whole thing started.”
“Stomach hurt?”
“A little bit.”
“Got that parched thing happening.”
“Yeah, my mouth’s a little dry.”
“Hold on to that feeling. Remember it the next time you decide to infiltrate the den of a mobster on a whim or something equally cockeyed.”
“Neal came by; we had a nice little chat.”
“Is he in one piece?”
“Yes, I left him whole.”
“Good, I prefer him that way.”
“She has three known alias, she knows how to hide someone. Come on Peter, if you went on the run.”
“I wouldn’t go on the run.”
“Yeah, but if you did.”
“Yes, I’m sure it’d be your fault.”
“You stole one of Stan’s Murci√©lagos?”
“We commandeered it.”
“You G men and your manifest destiny.”
“Mozzie how would you like to participate in a government sanctioned con?”
“Involving a dirty Marshall, Stan, and one of his prize Lamborghinis, how about yes.”
“It’s hard to picture you at a big financial firm. Been a life changer.”
“That’s true.”
“In some alternate universe you’d be wearing corporate ties, doing power lunches, flying corporate jets.” “Doubt we’d have ever met.”
“Well, maybe, under different circumstances.”
“Well, that’s true. You might’ve have robbed the company.”
“I’m not working on anything.”
“Which means Mozzie’s working on it.”
“I hope I’m not interrupting.”
“Oh no not at all, you are but a welcome and striking reprieve from the bureaucratic oppression in my midst.”
“Hey, let’s make this quick, I need to get back to the office.”
“Oh, first week and you are already a corporate shill. My condolences on your recently departed integrity.”
“Come on, Peter.”
“No, no. The FBI is not gonna pay for your combat training.”
“Think about what I could do for you guys if I knew how to fight.”
“No, No, I’d rather not. New York is safer is if Neal Caffery is lacking in at least one skillset.”
“Yeah what about self-preservation?”
“You’ve done pretty well with the whole running away thing.”

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