What I Read the 1st 5 Months of 2022

I’ve not done well on reading this year, I’ve had a lot going on, and while I certainly had time still, I had a lot of misses, and I just wasn’t finding it easy to get into reading when nothing was inspiring and was too overwhelmed to try to find more options. I’m getting out of it, I decided to reread Jeeves and Wooster, and I also decided I was going to have to drive to the city for books since the library here isn’t enough, and the Kindle from the city library doesn’t have enough options.

I read 4 books in Jan, 7 in Feb, 2 in March, 2 in April, and 1 in May.

The Christmas Box. Eh.

An Irish Country Doctor. Not worth continuing.

The Woman in White by Wilkie Collins. Eh. Decided not to read the Moonstone. That’s a large book for “eh.” I do want to watch the movie though.

The Great Brain by John D. Fitzgerald. Cute and funny. Might try and read more of the series.

“Things got mighty dull after The Great Brain decided to give up his crooked ways and to walk the straight and narrow. So dull Papa didn’t even bother to come upstairs and see if Tom was in bed the night the schoolhouse burned down. So dull there is no more to tell.”

The Wintringham Mystery by Anthony Berkeley. Decent. I need to see if I can find more of this author on Thriftbooks or a similar site since this is all the library had.

PG Wodehouse. Mike and Psmith and Jill the Reckless I enjoyed. Love Among the Chickens and Psmith in the City were meh.

Flatland: A Romance of Many Dimensions by Edwin Abbot. Defies rating. Defies sense. I don’t know how my sister found this or what possessed the author to write it. If you read, don’t look up anything, any blurb, anything.

Hunter’s Green and Woman without a Past by Phyllis A Whitney. Eh.

Kingfisher by Patricia McKillip. I enjoyed, but my library didn’t have a lot of options on Libby.

Geekerella by Ashley Poston. Cute, nothing to write home about.


Taste: My Life Through Food. I found this interesting. His tone started jarring on me. And it did seem that all Italian cooking involved Italian herbs, tomatoes, and pasta.

How Not to Die Alone by Logan Ury. I think I’m going to try and buy this. Or at least reread.

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