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More White Collar Quotes

“Fortunately I keep a secret key logger on my computer.”
“I’ve never appreciated your distrust in me more.”
“Well, we talked. Moz told me about his Detroit days, he’d been running street cons since he was a kid.” “Hm notice my lack of surprise.”
“I’m a gem expert.”
“That’s true, and you asked to keep your distance from the FBI, I was doing you a favor.”
“Oh, by conversing with my arch rival.”
“Everyone’s your arch rival, Moz.”
“The FBI has a gem vault and you didn’t tell me?”
“Why give an alcoholic a drink?”
Caffrey holding a printing plate for hundred dollar bills.
Peter “I’m not comfortable with this.”
“Really, you’re not comfortable? I have the men in black bobsled team breathing down my neck.”
“These treasury agents are a little skeptical; you look like a twelve year old who just found the lingerie section of a Sears catalog.”
“Neal, if ever you do decide to grow up, you should realize this one thing, you can either be a con or man, you can’t be both.”
Peter relegated to the sidelines with a suspect’s daughter who asks, “What’s that thing on his leg.” “That’s a tracking anklet.”
“I have an anklet. Wanna see?”
“Yeah, oh cute, where’d you get it?”
“My grandpa.”
“Where’d he get his?”
“It’s part of a Federal Release work program where, uhh — I gave it to him, it’s so I don’t lose him.”
“Are you his grandpa?”
“Weren’t you supposed to go to your room.”
“Remember when I said things were getting back to normal between me and Peter?”
“Yeah, that’s sweet. One sentence in and I already hate this conversation.”
“Does the Vulture have a partner with expensive tastes?”
“I have a partner with expensive taste.”
Later, Peter to Sally and at Neal, “So whoever spent the money almost got you shot?”
. . .  Neal to Sally “I apologize, but the plan drew out Brower, that should count for half a win.”
Peter, “I’m going to get us the other half . . .  “We leaked security photos from your shopping spree.”
Neal, “That way Brower takes his next shot at me, sounds fun.”
Peter, “I love how we’re always on the same page.”
Later, “What’s the plan if Brower doesn’t show up at the PO box.”
“You spend 90 million dollars in 36 hours, he’ll show.”
“Send out the handsome one.”
Neal starts getting out.
“The one in the back.”
Mozzie, “Consider that a lesson in modesty.”


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