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Spring Plans

I’ve updated my Spring list in my pages above. I will add to it as I find more Spring ideas and videos. I highly suggest Darling Desi’s 🌷How To Feel Like Springtime🌷 books, movies, tv shows & activity recommendations. I welcome any suggestions as well.

I’m rather bummed that I’m already currently being fried/steamed with 80+ (sometime humid) degree weather (we broke a record earlier this week). So it feels like summer, I’m wanting to enjoy spring first!!! Not have an endless (5 month!!!!) summer.

Here is my currently bucket list. I also should include . . . blog more. I should have more time with my new schedule on the weekends, so hopefully I should have more mental energy. And maybe I can eventually get my blog redesigned.

Activities/Bucket List
  • Basically a lot of summery things that I would die of heat if I did these in summer (might still in the spring since it’s early May and this week is 80’s)
  • Make a giant pouf/beanbag to sit on my balcony and read
  • Visit parks and nature preserves, hopefully to see spring flowers
  • Farmers Market
  • Plant a balcony garden
  • I’d like to visit some local nurseries and plant shops and not just get everything from Lowe’s and such
  • Picnic
  • Hiking
  • Dog park
  • Garden parties, tea parties
  • Reading outside
  • Camping
  • U-pick strawberries
  • Bake a strawberry cake
  • Maybe make strawberry jam
  • Learn watercolor
  • Do more fan sketches again
  • Learn pastels/crayons
  • Make some spring goodies
  • Swimming



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