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October Shows and Quotes (Loki, Only Murders in the Building, Castle, Boy Meets World, M*A*S*H)

I don’t see that I posted this, and I love sharing excellent quotes, so here goes.

Loki quotes. I loved the first two I think episodes before amazingly poor writing ruined it.

“A double cross by history’s most reliable liar.”

“I don’t need your sympathy.”
“Good, because I’m running out of it.”

“I’d never stab anyone in the back; that’s the most boring form of betrayal.”

Only Murders in the Building quotes.

“I can’t tell if you are acting or not. ”
“Oh, believe me, when he is acting you can tell.”

“You are scoring a murder mystery not DJ-ing a hobbit’s wedding.”

“I know there is a part of you that misses me, that misses the magic we made.”
“Oliver, I loved our shows, it’s setting money on fire I don’t care for.”

“The headlines of the Times next was: “Splat.”

“You bought in because I was confident and charming and young.”
“You were around 58.”
“. . . The false arrogance of youth.”
“Again, you were nearly 60.”

Oliver, getting out of his car which he has been driving and running to the passenger’s side, “No, no, you drive. I’ve got to record. And also my driver’s license expired 25 years ago.”

More Castle quotes.

Double trouble at the comic convention bar:
Ryan, “This is like the Halloween from Hell.”
Espo, “Oh yeah, this is probably to low brow for you, huh? You’re probably into the boring-a** intellectual kind of sci-fi like Gattica or 2001 the Monolith, what the hell was that?”
Ryan, “Don’t ask me, no, no, swords and sorcery, that’s more my thing, like Lord of the Ring.”
Espo, “Yeah, I can probably see you as an elf,” looks him up and down “. . . or a hobbit.” Walks off with a smirk.

“Deep cover, I can’t believe he didn’t tell me.”
“Espo, he didn’t even tell Jenny.”
“Yeah, but I’m his best friend, she’s just the wife.”
“Thus proving why there is no Mrs. Esposito.”

Beckett to Castle, “Are you okay?”
“No, Mrs. O’Leary, I’m not okay. I happen to like my legs and yours too. And why is your husband paying bikers over 5 grand for a stripper’s phone?” (I’m screaming. This episode.)

Later, O’Leary to Beckett, “Kitkat who is this guy?”
Castle “Kitkat?”
Beckett, “This guy is Richard Castle, my future husband.”

MAS*H quotes (this felt more summer so I shelved it after an episode or two).

“If you do to the army what you did to this college, America is finished.”

“You want to raffle off a nurse?”
“Is that what I said?”

“Since when are you interested in the Bible?”
“I peeked at the end, Frank, the Devil did it.”
“Hey, don’t get physical Frank, you’ll blow your sainthood.”

“Henry, you have no idea what it’s like to share a tent with a guy who thinks he’s all 12 disciples.”

Boy Meets World quotes. Not so much rewatching as skimming a bit for the best Eric parts. I didn’t get very far, my attention span is excellent. Also, the actor who voices Bernard in Adventures in Odyssey made a brief appearance in the rave/anniversary one

“Topangas like totally strange.”
“Strange is in the eye of the beholder, Mr. Matthews. I for example have a young neighbor who sings along with his little sister’s Barney records.” (I don’t know what the “normal” age of Barney watching was supposed to be, but I remember it was a point of mocking to say “you watch Barney.”)

“How long have you been up there?”
“Long enough to watch you swap spit with a Feeny” . . .

Later. “Nice? She’s beautiful, I mean it’s the most incredible girl I’ve ever kissed.”
“Which puts her at the top of the list of what, two?”

“I understand that you two did a little detective work tonight.”
Eric, “Sorry we ratted on you mom.”
Cory, “It was me, I folded under torture.”
Eric, “Yeah, Dad said, ‘Hello’.”

“All these years pretending to be my close friend.”
“Close? As in Philadelphia is close to . . . Neptune?”

“Us, on the radio?”
“Yeah, see if you can’t squeeze it in between doing nothing at school and nothing at home.”

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