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Would You Rather: Lovely Edition

I went full-time at the beginning of the year and while I cut out my second weekend job, I still feel like I have so little time; I’ll have to do a catch up post later. As well as other posts when I can get my brain in order.

I’m joining in Cordy’s Lovely Blog Party with her “Would You Rather.”

Would you rather wear a ball gown for a formal first date, or would you prefer an active first date?

A formal date where I could where a ball gown would be so much fun. But it could also be nerve wracking. Ideally, I think this would be my first choice, but as long as it didn’t set the tone for lots of formal or upscale events.

Would you rather have to matchmake for someone, or have someone matchmake for you?

Matchmake for someone else, feel I could do it better/make it less awkward.

Would you rather be serenaded or be the one that has to do the serenading?

Both are awful, but since I can’t sing, I’ll pick the first and hope it’s private, comic, and he has a good voice.

Would you rather receive flowers and chocolates or chocolates and a teddy bear as tokens of affection?

Flowers and chocolates. I genuinely love those “cliche” things and would/have bought for myself. I love teddy bears, but I have several including a little live in my little fur baby.

Would you rather wear a veil or a flower crown on your wedding day?

I was honestly thinking about both. But a circlet, small flowers or floral designed circlet.

Would you rather receive a romantic poem or have to write and gift a romantic poem?

Yeah, the serenading and the poetry and ooshy, gooshy sentimental words are the cliches I don’t personally like, as in really, really don’t. I prefer simple, sincere direct words. So again, it’d have to be him, and as a spoof.

Would you rather cook a meal for your date, or have your date cook for you?

Date cook for me. I don’t love cooking.

Would you rather watch a chick-flick or an action film as your date-night movie?

I feel like chick-flicks are more a girls night thing. I don’t love action movies as an overall genre. But if it was action adventure, especially a classic or something like National Treasure, then I think that’s a great date-night movie.

Would you rather dance in the rain, or stargaze together?

Probably stargaze if I didn’t have to drive home in the dark, although a warm rain dance I could find more fun in the right circumstances.



I’m great at decisions.

“1 or 2?”

“Well actually, I’d like 3 or 4.”


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