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Countdown to Christmas: Week 2, December 8th to 14th

Day 8

Day 9

Day 10

  • Bought a real wreath and poinsettias!
  • Bought candy canes and some ingredients for Christmas goodies.
  • Found a way to watch current Hallmark movies (that way is NOT Halmmark NOW, that doesn’t have any or many current videos, it is a TV channel option (here). So I scheduled some recordings.
  • Got Bjorn’s Christmas bow, can’t wait to put it on him!
  • Read more of A Christmas Carol.
  • Slept through the storm and tornado warnings and sirens (more on that later).

Day 11

  • Bought 2 trees, more lights, and more stuff for Christmas candymaking (and marshmallows, heretofor I had been having hot chocolate w/o marshmellows)
  • Watched Episode 9 of Lauren’s Christmas Vlogmas.
  • Started getting out Christmas decorations.
  • Hot chocolate WITH marshmallows!
  • Started a Hallmark movie, Making Spirits Bright.
  • Bought 2 more Christmas gifts.
  • Tested my new lights in the dark which really gave me a jolt of cozy Christmas spirit, warm (not too warm) white Christmas lights make me so happy.

Day 12

  • Finished the Hallmark movie Making Spirits Bright.
  • Worked more on putting away Autumn and getting out Christmas.
  • Put lights, ribbon, cinnamon men and a few ornaments on my tiny tree in living room.
  • Hung my wreath.
  • Watched another Hallmark, Eight Gifts of Hanukkah
  • Decorated my sideboard/bar area with my nativity.

Day 13

  • Finished decorating my little living room tree and mostly my bookcase.
  • Watched a Hallmark, My Christmas Family Tree.

Day 14

  • Watched Ruby Granger’s Christmas Vlog.
  • Watched her Christmas gift ideas video.
  • Read half of John Grisham’s Skipping Christmas. I thought it was funny, but then they end up caving. This sounds like I’m a Scrooge, I’m not usually, I’m just contrary. And is anyone really this conformist about Christmas?
  • Watched another Hallmark, Christmas in Tahoe.
  • Finally got a tree stand and put up my tree in my bedroom.
  • Read more of A Christmas Carol and opened the package for page 75, spiced caramel popcorn. This box is SUCH a treat!

I’ve since decorated a bit more, and I have a few more things to put up, and then I think I’ll call it done and will take photos for Instagram.


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