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Barnes and Noble Revamp and What Book is Popular in Each State

Drew Gooden’s discussion of how American TV lets shows go on too long Including a discussion of the total war destruction that was the end of That 70’s Show. Thank you, yes! Also, his comparison of how Friends would have ended if they followed similar horrific plot choices . . . I’m crying. And then he does that with The Office which is hilarious even though I haven’t seen the show.

And to hit that nail in harder Reasons Why Jackie Should Have Ended Up with Hyde.

Also his discussion of Community here, brought the show to my attention.

Husbands of Target

Husbands of Ikea. The upper Midwest accents make it funnier to me too.

I think maybe they need children of Kroger or something. I try to speed Grocery shop for myself, but I am my mother’s daughter, and it does it end very inefficient and slower than it should, but when I had to wait for mom or help her shop (yay, love being the oldest of many) . . . .

“Ma, no I’m still in . . . where are we?”



I’m crying.

How to Respond to Awkward Questions 

16 Personalities Pick Up Lines

Asian Parent Punishments: Pro Level. Look at the refrigerator behind him. These details are what make comedy videos pro level.

If Asians Made Alexa. “When I was your age I traveled three dimensions to get to school.”


    • Rachel Olivia

      Yes, I often find my favorites from other people’s lists, Youtube suggestions rarely, since lately they seem to be only sharing stuff I’ve already seen. Yes, I know I’ll like it, that’s why I watched it already.

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