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Every so often I look for Goodreads alternatives, if I knew they’ve been owned by Amazon for 8 years, I’d forgotten, that explains the monopoly. Their export option messes up read dates and doesn’t track rereads and doesn’t have enough data.

In frustration I found the spreadsheet I mentioned in this post. But I’ve not kept up on that. Just too much manual work.

I was watching a Ruby Granger vlog and she mentioned The Storygraph. So I cleaned up my Goodreads export as much as I could and transferred it, it doesn’t show my rereads, I’ll have to figure that one out. It’s got a much simpler look which I like, and I love the mood and categorization, seems pretty accurate to me. And they now have an app.

And yet I still have been using Goodreads. I need to go back and look at the Storygraph again. I think maybe I need to find a Youtube video explaining it. I’m a very slow adapter. I might have to try and use both for awhile to really get a feel to see if I want to switch.

Estimate how many books you can read in a year based on this test. Super cool

How I Read Classics.

Dear Authors . . . Redemption Arcs. Edmund and Eustace are good examples of believable redemption arcs. They #1 Didn’t do anything insanely criminal #2 They still felt the full weight of what they had done after they were redeemed.

How I Annotate Books. I really need to work on my book notes. I do like that I can easily highlight and save notes when I’m reading in the Kindle. I just need to remember to write down my notes. I have reading journals that I inconsistently fill, and then I’ve compiled some of my digital notes into a Reading Notes Evernote notebook.


  • Marian

    Oof… I didn’t know the GR export messes up read dates. 🙁 I’ll be eager to hear if you find a better alternative.

    I used to use LibraryThing, way back in the day, but as a social network it’s not quite as good IMO.

  • Elizabeth

    Book Depository and Book outlet are good sites. Although Book Depository is in the UK so it does take quite awhile for the books to get here. They are usually cheaper though. Book outlet doesn’t have a lot of the books that I tried searching for but the prices for the ones they did have were amazing.

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