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Beauty: Sunscreen Again

After the sunscreen controversy, I was left wanting specific products recommended, and apparently other people did too, so Odile Monod produced this video. I’m going to be trying the outdoor ones. I think trying to keep only indoor for winter is just too complicated for me.

And Lab Muffin beauty produced this list of her favorites, I’m not sure how many are K-beauty, but my favorite Biore (actually Japanese I think) is still on there (yes!).

My budget has been tight and so I’ve not made a huge Yesstyle purchase in awhile, but I’m hoping to do so soon.


  • Elizabeth

    Speaking of skin care, do have any recommendations for cleansers, toners, moisturizers for combination skin? You’ve probably done a post about it but I have a hard time remembering specific names or anything when I’m not currently searching for things like that.

    • Rachel Olivia

      I like trying various kbeauty lotions, but I also use cerave moisturizer and the cerave cleanser has been my go to for a couple years I think thanks to James Welsh, maybe also another youtuber, I think (for dry skin I think? Even though I’m combo). I’ve tried various oil cleansers but usually go back to Hanskin, the php one I think it is.

      I don’t use normal toners, I think chemical exfoliants and serums are more based on skin needs. I’ve used Paula’s choice salicylic/bha “toner” or solution for my morning treatment. It’s expensive but a bottle lasts a year I think. I’ve got other chemical exfoliants and treatments for night time. I’m still working on using up stuff and repurchasing, plus I always get more info. I need to be careful of too many products.

      I’d watch Michelle from LabMuffin beauty for knowledgeable breakdowns, she has phd in chemistry (specific to beauty I think maybe?).

      Oh, and sunscreen. VERY important. Especially if using chemical exfoliant and retinol (still working on that part).
      I think cleanser (I double cleanse, but only at night), moisturizer, sunscreen, are the basics with vitamin c serum, and maybe a chemical exfoliant and/or retinol to level up. No harsh scrubs or astringent toners like used to pushed when I was growing up. I think James Welsh has a skincare video for basics.

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