Daily Life

Autumn Plans

I decided to do a seasonal for Autumn to do list rather than monthly.

Minimalism and Self-Control

  • Keep purchases careful
  • Work on using up /pitching expired beauty products
  • Make sure one in one out for Ladies’ Day¬† shopping trip, cull anything I’m not wearing or using or worn or dirty
  • Knit 4 baby blankets (only need to buy pink) by Ladies’ Day
  • Start some stash busting blankets for different sized yarns
  • Knit some shawls from the yarn I have for that purpose
  • Sell computer & phone
  • Access old photos & files & dispose of dinosaur computer & ATT old box and any other tech clutter
  • Sell the rest of FB marketplace (jewelry armoire), Clothes Mentor (purse and wallet), & Ebay stuff (I actually already sold something this month that I was afraid was going to be tedious to sell, yes!!)
  • Dye and sew my fabric for Fall and Winter to use up


  • Continue to purchase more consciously, including fall wardrobe
  • Have my debt to a certain number or less & my net worth to a certain number
  • Have money saved for Christmas, Black Friday, and Ladies’ Day, so I’m not pinched
  • See if I can do state taxes so late

Learning and Career

  • Work through several Web dev and graphic design books
  • See if I can finish both Treehouse program & Code Academy
  • Have a more secure job situation
  • Private goal
  • Start volunteering at historical society


  • Get Bjorn potty trained & better obedience trained
  • If possible get more household items for cleaning and organization and set up my place better
  • If possible recover my couch

Health and Beauty

  • Build better stretch exercise habits and buy the weights and foam blocks and such I want
  • Take ice skating lessons or at least buy ice skates and sign up for the winter
  • Lose 20lbs
  • Have a better recipe rotation
  • Better sleep habits
  • Stock up on sunscreen, have a more streamlined skincare routine in place
  • Laser & facials


  • Try to enjoy the season better and do some bucket list/fun list activities
  • Maybe do a few things to step outside my comfort zone
  • Read 30-40 more books
  • Participate in North and South readalong discussion
  • Work on my blog design
  • Have better habits, rise, study, screen time
  • Clear out emails, documents, photos, and Evernotes
  • Therapy?



  • Elizabeth

    I don’t know why, but I love that you usually have a ‘private goal’ written on your lists. Something about it, knowing that you know what it is and that’s enough, for some reason makes me happy, but it’s an odd thing to fixate on I know.

    Same with sort of considering therapy with a question mark. I found out that I could get it through the job I work at but I’m not sure if I will actually end up doing that or not.

    • Rachel Olivia

      Yeah, and those goals are never accomplished …

      I don’t know what Canada has, but the US usually has something called EAP with some free counseling/therapy sessions. My thought was to use that to find the right therapist? I tried once at my old job, and I knew the person wasn’t right even before I went plus went back to “I don’t need this.” But some advice I read was that we get wellness physicals, why not mental ones?

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