August and Life Lately

I can’t remember much of what I accomplished if anything in August. I know I didn’t watch much besides a little more Community and YouTube. I think I’ve done more in these first two weeks of September than I did in all of August. I also forgot a lot of what I did, I’m still working on keeping notes for my abysmal memory.

I did go peach and blackberry picking with my mom, brother and niece. And then I came home and made blackberry lemonade (twice, I love it SO much). I froze some peaches. I bought more frozen blackberries from a local grower. This month I bought some nectarines from a local farm.

We did our family birthdays.

I bought Bjorn some grooming stuff (still haven’t gotten around to dealing with his little felted self, he’s in the sort of molting/growing in his grownup fur stage which could last another year). And a gate, very helpful.

I got Triple A in time to bust a tire. My parents helped me, I was panicking and needed to get to work. But next time I’ll use Triple A. Also big car purchases unfortunately in my future.

I’m working temp work at my previous job (the one that got bought) to digitize paperwork that the parent company needs before they can officially close everything. So that has been helpful financially. I’m not sure how much more time I’ll get there, so I went ahead and applied for a waitressing job that is about 5 minutes from my house for Saturdays.

Oh, and my current employer also got bought, except we in Retail are mostly all promised our jobs, but we find out for sure this month. I’m hoping I can be full-time before that, but we shall see.


  1. I love the sound of blackberry lemonade.
    Same with this not knowing exactly what you did over the month though. Like September here, I don’t remember what happened. I worked, and that feels like that’s been it.

    1. It is wonderful, its sounds so summery magical too.

      I’m trying to remember to write things down. I’m hoping if I can figure out diet and supplements my memory will get better again.

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