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A Tolkien Blog Party Tag

I’m joining in Hamlette’s A Tolkien Blog Party and answering this tag.

I was going to try to reread Tolkien before during this year’s blog party, but since I don’t own the books and have set my heart of some very expensive copies, and I must read it a certain way because I mustn’t do anything simply, that isn’t happening although this party is giving me some motivation. Maybe a Black Friday sale will put the preciousess books within reach?

1. Aragorn: Favorite Tolkien hero/heroine

Eomer.Definitely my crush, and I’m still bitter over the fact that in the movie he was pushed aside and Theoden’s petty and wrong (Aragorn was his liege lord, he ruled lands gifted by Gondor) and uncanonical “rivalry” with Aragorn was inserted into the movies. In the book Eomer and Aragorn were sword brothers and it was just awesome.

2. Boromir: Favorite Tolkien character arc

Pippin, I think? Again, need to reread, so not sure.

3. Frodo: Favorite song or poem by Tolkien

I’m not sure which songs in the movies were his and which were written for the movies. I do know that I love Into the West which was written for the movies.

4. Gandalf: Favorite wise Tolkien quotation

Need to reread for that. Maybe, “Not all who wander are lost”?

5. Gimli: A Middle-earth location you’d like to visit

Rivendell and Hobbiton.

6. Legolas: Favorite Middle-earth Weapon

One of the elvish forged swords that glow blue to warn of orcs.

7. Merry: Favorite way to celebrate Tolkien’s stories

Well, this is super fun. But I’m always wanting to get an illustrated set and read/reread all his works using this cool calculator for chronology.

8. Pippin: Favorite funny Tolkien quotation

Need to read to curate quotes.

9. Samwise: A Middle-earth food you’d like to try

I don’t know, I know there is a cookbook I’d like to look through. I’m inspired by the food game and this question to find all the food during my next reread.



  • lissa

    I cheated a little and actually looked up quotes for the movies and the book.

    2 – Pippin is a fun character. I think without some humor the movies and books would be a bit dull, wouldn’t you say?
    6 – I’ve forgotten that but it realy comes in handy – sort of like an alarm.

    Have a lovely day.

    • Rachel Olivia

      I considered looking up quotes but was too lazy. And yes, humor makes books so much better, I call it as necessary as salt. I forget about the humor in Lord of the Rings though, the grimness is so overpowering in memory.

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