Stretching and Flexibility

We are SO tight in the legs in our family. I feel like I’ve got to be tighter than the average guy. Poor little us, thinking we could be ballerinas. My most fit sister said she had been stretching regularly and felt that it did nothing for her flexibility.

We also have terrible (I think it’s tied) knees in our family. Since I don’t like being tight and would like to be able to walk when I’m older, I’ve wanted to seriously increase my stretching and flexibility. I’d love to try dry needling at some point as part of this if I can.

I was trying to find what the average person could stretch (since searching for stretch exercises always brings up dancers), and came across this video about the science of stretching.

Then I watched this video on achieving flexibility.

While at the time of this writing (8/15) I’ve not missed more than two weeks of some type of exercise since the middle of May, I haven’t stretching with nearly the same consistency. I’ve tried multiple videos, but I think this one is my favorite thus far.

I think I want to take a photo of where I am at now as well as measurements and once I’ve been stretching consistently for awhile, take a photo and measure again.


  1. I need to start stretching too, I know it’s really important but I haven’t been doing it either. Although it sounds like you’re working on it.

    1. Off and on. One of the video’s just has music and instructions in writing, so I’ll sometimes put a podcast on when doing it, so that is a tip.

  2. I’ve found stretching has really helped me with better posture and holding the correct positions in Pilates.
    I do need to do it more often too.

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