Seasonal Aesthetics and Atmosphere

I decided to try to make a general outline to work from for my seasonal Evernotes. If you have any more ideas, please let me know!

  • Holidays
  • Themes/Subjects/Atmosphere/Moods
  • Books
    • New
    • Rereads
  • Movies
  • TV
  • Music
  • Activities/Events
  • Taste/Scent
  • Drinks
  • Food
  • Colors
  • Flowers
  • Fashion
    • Styles
    • Fabrics/Textures/Prints
    • Nail Polish
    • Jewelry
  • Decor


    1. I’ve got summer coming up, tomorrow, I always have Autumn waay more filled out and Winter has Christmas, so I was trying to help myself enjoy the other seasons, particularly summer when I’m feeling fried to a crisp inside and out and pining for Autumn.

  1. You keep inspiring me with these lists to actually write down the vague plans I have in my head. I forget most of them so I definitely need to start doing this.

    1. I love the ideas you and Skye have. I’m trying to right down everything I like, not as a have to but as a reference for ideas to come back to.

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