Reigniting Tolkien Nerdiness

I watched these two Wired videos (here and here) in which a Tolkien expert answers a bunch of questions a couple months ago. It is a Tolkien nerd’s dream.

And of course I’ve also gotten touches of Lord of the Rings when listening to The Friendship Onion as well.

I’ve always wanted to reread The Silmarillion and the other works I missed, and now I’m definitely going to this year, and I want to read the books chronologically. I think they aren’t all quite chronological (as in the stories might jump around), so I might use this (awesomely nerdy) system

I listened to this podcast awhile back regarding the accuracy of our understanding of Tolkien (particularly in his most famous biograph by Humphrey Carpenter who apparently had it out for Tolkien and so twisted the perspective at least). So I’d like to read the guest (Holly Ordway) author’s book, Tolkien’s Modern ReadingĀ as well. Along with maybe some of the books on the art of Middle Earth and anything extra like that.

I wasn’t sure if this was going to happen this year, but it turns out Hamlette is still doing her Tolkien celebration blog event, so I think I’d like to start on my rereading soon!

And maybe I can round it all out rewatching the movies? I’ve not seen the extended versions of the Hobbits and those films are SO not following the canon, so we’ll see.



  • Skye

    I need to read the Silmarillion at some point. I’ve always loved Lord of the Rings and would love to fall deeper into that world. I will forever be sad that they screwed up The Hobbit, it was my favorite book and deserved a better adaptation, but some of the casting choices were amazing.

    • Rachel Olivia

      It’s very intense, a lot of world building.

      The casting was great, the changing of the plot was the issue along with some too obvious CGI. The LotR films were so carefully crafted in all their details, the Hobbit lacked that. And the Hobbit was my favorite book too, I think because of the cozier, smaller feel which they completely changed.

  • Eliabeth

    I feel so behind in the Tolkien C.S. Lewis department. Well, maybe not behind since I’m really only reading things if I want to do it, it’s just I didn’t exactly grow up with them the same way so many other people did. I’ve been curious about the Silmarillion though, I read the Hobbit and Lord of the Rings last year so I feel like I have more semblance (apart from having seen the movies) of what’s going on now when I get to it eventually.

    • Rachel Olivia

      The Silmarillion is something else, it’s got a darker even more fantastic vibe, it seems like something you and Skye would especially like, perfect for Autumn.

      I was so sad learning that this was his actual life’s fiction work, the other books merely came out of it, but he kept overthinking it and delaying and rewriting. It’s very interesting and intense and detailed, but it could have been so much more grand, grander than LotR if it had been fully completely and polished (I think what we have is maybe been edited by his son from his manuscripts).

      • Elizabeth

        Ooh! It sounds like it would be. I’ve been looking for things in that vein.
        Really? Wow, that is sad, I only found out recently that he didn’t even quite get to finish the Return of the King and his son had to put it together. I don’t think I knew that the Silmarillion was the big one he wanted to get done but didn’t get to finish.

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