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People will Talk 1951

At the risk of spoiling the movie, here are all my favorite quotes. Old movies always have such zingers.



 “You’re a professor and it’s hard to make you understand anything that ain’t in a book. Well most of what goes on in the world ain’t in a book.”




“One of the reasons for my founding this clinic is a firm belief patients are sick people, not inmates.”




“I can’t speak with as much assurance as I usually do because you just called me a pompous know it all.”




“Debra, I uh, I have something to tell you. And as a pompous know it all—“

“I didn’t mean that even as I said it.”

“–as a pompous know it all it isn’t going to be easy.”




“And why in the name of good sense tell her that she isn’t? Pregnancy, dear boy, is not a state of the mind.”




“Noah is a cute name.”

“My real name is Ludwig.”




“I did have a reason you know.”

“I know.”

“No you don’t.”

“You’re being pompous again at the moment.”




 “In the first place I’m not in the habit of marrying women I don’t really want to marry.”




“Unhappily it will have to wait until Monday. Dr Pretorias is undermining a medical convention in New York and will not return until then.”




“It’s just that I love you so much, and I went put all those candles on that cake when you’re really only 9 years old.”

“According to this document I’m not the picture of childish innocence you imagine me to be.”




“Noah, does it seem to you that I cry a lot?”

“Truthfully there has never been anything like it since the little Dutch boy took his finger out of the dyke.”

“He never took it out that is what killed him.”

“Pompous know it all.”




“I don’t pretend to be an expert about such things, but I’ve always thought I was always a fairly normal adult young lady who knew roughly what every fairly normal adult young lady should know. . . Right now I feel like a kind of idiot Elsie Dinsmore.”




 “You mean that as a doctor I was faced by a situation which I could only meet by marrying you, that I did it as a remedy. Debra, as you know I believe in using any form of therapy that would make people well, but it would be highly impractical to make marrying my patients a standard form of treatment.”




“Noah, if you really suddenly fell in love with me.”

“No if.


“I couldn’t say why.”

“Haven’t you ever wondered?”

“Falling as fast as I am I don’t have time.”





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