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The top most spoken languages in the World. And yes, English is top. People forget to differentiate between most spoken and most spoken as firstĀ language. Mandarin is most spoken first language (the top 4 total spoken and top 4 as a native speaker are all the same 4, just in different orders). I could get lost on this site (so much more fun to read about languages than work on learning them . . .).

Speaking 5+ Languages with my Polyglot Grandma (Part I)

Speaking 6+ Languages With My Polyglot Grandma (Part II)

From the latter video I learned the existence of the Ladino Language.



    • Rachel Olivia

      I did, but I don’t know how the dialects play in. I know my dad has been to China and said some of the dialects aren’t mutually understandable, but more recently as family friend who teaches there said all the younger generation are taught I guess the standard dialect so I don’t know what exactly they are counting by.

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