Daily Life

July 2021 Things

  • I got Bjorn fixed.
  • I kept up on the Blogilates challenge (of course I’ve get to pick it back up now in August), and I started my morning walks with Bjorn again.
  • I stretched a few days.
  • I did a little Spanish.
  • I read 5 books.
  • I’m trying to work on better habits to keep my house clean.
  • I’m still working through my beauty products.
  • I kept up on doing my month end net worth calculation.
  • I’ve kept up on filling out my memory calendar.
  • I attended a couple family 4th of July celebrations.
  • Girls night to watch Emma¬†2020.
  • Sibling game night.
  • Ladies’ Tea (at my parents’ church, but we pretty much had all family at our table, lots of ladies in my family!).

Not happy with what I did in July except restarting the exercise habits. Speaking of I used the app Habit Bull (when I remember) to track habits, so I can see how much I’ve worked on something over time. Very simple and helpful visualization.




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