Guys and Dolls (1955)

So many hilarious quotes and scenes.




“I am not putting the knock on dolls. It’s just that they are something to have around only when they come in handy… like cough drops.”




“It just struck me that nonsinners have problems.”




“‘There is no peace unto the wicked. Proverbs.’ This is wrong.”

“Let’s say its a matter of opinion, shall we?”

“I made a statement of fact, it’s wrong.”

“How dare you! Even if this is not a church, it is a mission. How dare you blaspheme!”

“How dare you misquote the Bible! ‘There is no peace unto the wicked’ is not Proverbs, it’s Isaiah.”

“Of course it’s Proverbs.”

“Isaiah. Chapter 57, verse 20 or 21. Would you like to bet on it? Not money, just a nice sociable bet?”






“I wonder what he’ll be like?”


“That upright downright forthright square with his close shaved chin up who right now somewhere is marching along the proper approach to proper you.”





“Well, that makes it necessary for me to stop in again. Matthew 5:39. Don’t bother looking it up, it’s the bit about the other cheek.”



At a Cuban nightclub:


“Now, don’t make a spectacle of yourself… You are a United States citizen in a foreign country, have you no pride in what the rest of the world thinks about Americans?”





“But a guy doesn’t want to feel from the very beginning that he’s just like a piece of dress material a woman is going to cut up and sew according to the way they wear husbands this year.”





      1. Yes, but you know… Marlon Brando couldn’t sing, nor could Jean Simmons, which is a shame that they used them in the film. My mother (of blessed memory) had a record of the original Broadway cast with Robert Alda (father of Alan) in the role of Sky Masterson! Thank goodness they kept Stubby Kaye for the movie version.

        1. Well, I wasn’t really there for the singing part, just the back and forth. I did read that Frank Sinatra was mad because he thought he should have been Sky.

          1. He wasn’t, and more to my interest not within lightyears near to Marlon Brando’s looks,lol.

    1. I had to go back to find some of the exact quotes, and that made me want to watch those parts over again, they are so great.

    1. Thanks! I find or am inspired to try lots/most of my movies from blogs and such so I’m happy to help nudge people towards trying movies.

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