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Dark, Light, Romantic, Etc. Academia: Prepping for Fall, Autumn

It will be a bit over 1.5 months until the actual Autumnal equinox and start of Autumn and yet another month after that before Autumn temperatures actually arrive where I’m at in the world. But I’ve seen some Dark Academia stuff and have been inspired to plan ahead.


My Autumn Evernote is already the most filled out or tied with Christmas (should probably work on my other seasons ahead of time too). And now I have more even. I don’t love all the super dark and neutral Autumn colors, I prefer more color, so I’m trying to find softer browns, roses, sages, etc. I’m thinking of media, decor, food, drinks, tastes, smells, fibers, fabrics, styles, etc.!!!! All the senses! Here are some of my inspirations. I’ll probably pull more posts from my Evernote¬† during Autumn.


Ruby Granger’s Autumn Summer Day. Not going to do this (don’t want to make myself sick of Autumn before it happens), but great ideas for Fall.¬†Her explanatory video on all things Dark Academia.


Darling Desi’s video on Dark Academia, mostly media. I can’t wait for what she has for this Fall. I found her channel through another blogger last fall and just loved all her Autumn cozy videos!


Jack Edward’s Dark Academia.


Rachel’s Video Thrifting Dark Academia. One of her friends listed several versions of the Academia aesthetic and Romantic Academia is one of them. I also like Fantasy Academia. I’ll never be anything classic because I can’t live without colors, neutrals have to be subsidiary for me.


  1. Art Academia
  2. Classic (Dark) Academia
  3. Fantasy Academia
  4. Light Academia
  5. Romantic Academia
  6. Theatre Academia


I think I’m only interested in the Academia aspect for Autumn, maybe Spring and Summer are more Fantasy or Romantic Pastoral or Cottage (that “core” just makes me gag for some reason). Winter, just cozy? Or just Fantasy or Romantic?




*I think Ruby Granger mentioned in a video how Britain doesn’t follow the actual equinoxes for seasons like here in the U.S. So then why don’t we actually call it Autumn? I try but I don’t always remember, also I like alliterations like “Fall Fun” and “Fall Festival.”


  • Elizabeth

    I love everything about this! And absolute yes to paying attention to textures and all that.
    When is the official Autumn Equinox? This is important information

    I actually saw a Pinterest post about why we don’t call Fall ‘Autumn’ usually which Pinterest is a totally reputable and serious way of finding your information.

    UK- We call it Autumn from the French word ‘autopne’ then later, the Latin ”autumnus’


    • Rachel Olivia

      Yes, I’m trying to break down the areas for the seasons, to help differentiate the whole experience between them.

      The equinox is the 22nd this year. The season change (equinoxes and soltices) are all usually 20-22nd, but it depends on the year for the specifics I think. Something with the earth’s movement around the sun or something. Actually, now I’m thinking of it, I need to add some astronomy, stargazing, maybe some ancient type stuff along with my myths to autumn planning.

      I’ve seen that pin, it kills me.

      I actually took Latin so I was trying to find the meaning of autumnus, but it literally is like a circular definition, the autumnal equinox, soo helpful.

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