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August 2021 Goals and a 96 Hour Workweek

I’ve got to get at least one part-time job. And possible also Doordash. It’s “hard” to get higher paying part time jobs with a part-time floating teller schedule, I should have not assumed I’d have enough money, especially with all the consumer debt I wracked up (It’s interesting how I’m the only spender in the family, sure feels like the flood lights are on me).

I started reading Factfulness: 10 Reasons We’re Wrong About the World — and Why Things Are Better Than You Think (the authors founded gapminder.org which has tons more information and charts and visualizations) which features  1 (poverty) to 4 (highest income) standards of living for the world.

It’s hard to fathom the first two, but at level 3 (2nd to top!), people work 96 hour weeks. Yeah, if anyone had to do that in the U.S. they just wouldn’t (unless maybe immigrants from countries where more people lived at 1 and 2), they would say they were poor and live off the government or others. So if people can and do work that much AND save (Americans blow their money at most income levels), this little princess can surely get a few extra jobs however a step down or humiliating said jobs feels to her ego. This little princess has to or she’s going to be in trouble.

Also this little princess needs to stop getting into debt.

Those are my main goals.

I’d also like to:

  • Keep up on my exercising
  • Keep up and build up my housekeeping habits
  • Build up my stretching habit
  • Build up my Spanish habit
  • Build a learning web development habit
  • Work on watercoloring
  • Working on knitting and using up yarn
  • Work on finding things to use up, sell, or donate
  • Clean up my cleaning/miscellaneous closet
  • Get off the computer/internet so much and when I’m on it use it for learning, blogging, Instagram, art, etc.
  • Read more (especially nonfiction, I’ve not done well on that lately)
  • Maybe I could find some free things to do?




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