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What I Watched June 2021: Youtube Humor

I’m usually irritated with Youtube for suggesting people I already know about or even videos of people I follow (thanks, I know how to find those myself), but somehow I stumbled on Jaime French’s Makeup and Movies.


I started with Raise Your Voice review. I was crying with laughter. Her humor reminds me of Micarah Tewers mixed with a Trey Kennedy video and our family (we do a lot of faces and voices).

“He and his toothpick, they know what’s going on.”

“Meanwhile ‘Jerry’, they are back to working on the song together. So I guess Jay is forgiven. That drunken rooftop sleepover, it healed all of Terry’s wounds.”


Britney Spears one.

“Ben falls asleep in the back sleep; he had a rough night . . . of pouting.”

“He is throwing the best fit I’ve seen in any movie. Man, that’s attractive.”


And her newest one, a classic favorite cheesy teen movie, A Cinderella Story.

“I don’t know what is worse, his facial expression or her wording choice.”
“We should turn in.”
“Yes, Hilary, we should turn in, tis been a fortnight since I got a proper slumber.”

“He doesn’t recognize her neither do her own stepsisters. They see her but they don’t know her because of her very deceiving mask . . .”

“I’m misunderstood. I’m not the homecoming prince football captain douche lord that you think I am.”


Then I found her Beauty YouTubers in 2014 be like:¬† (Also, I feel like I just recently noticed the highlighting the tip of your nose trend, some people are actually blushing it too . . . why is the Rudolph look popular?!!! I’m trying to cover up my pink nose!)

Then the even better If Beauty YouTubers Existed in 2004

Then the even more hilarious If Beauty YouTubers Existed In 1999

I shared some of Jean Shorts Comedy on the 4th of July (this is not super new for me really just an extension of Trey Kennedy’s videos with his videography Jake Triplett and his friend Brad Ellis of the Ghostrunners Podcast).


  • Elizabeth

    I’m glad I’m not the only one that struggles with a Youtube feed that likes to show me the videos I’ve liked and not a ton of new things.

    Love the sound of these! I’ll have to check them out, they sound hilarious.

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