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What I Watched June 2021: TV and Movies


Skim watched The Big Sick. What am I missing? Why was this rated so highly? I have a tendency to assume that non Hallmark Rom Coms are better in quality (plot, acting, production), not just Hallmark with adult content, but well, some of them are just Hallmark with adult content and a bigger budget. And this one was a bad Hallmark with adult content (and wow, the f-bombs were just so gratuitous and delivered like homeschool children (or I assume any other very strictly brought up children) trying be bad.™ That delivery is not how people actually curse, especially seriously angry people.

I skipped the stand up, couldn’t handle the cringe, but then the actual main story was also cringe and just so badly done in every way . . . and it was based on a real story. The main guy could. not. act. The main girl overacted. They had no chemistry. I couldn’t tell the age difference between the main couple, but wow, she acted so, SO childish, babyish even.

The guy was in his 30’s, his parents didn’t seem at all formidable, he just seemed sneaky, indifferent, and selfish (you know, the stereotypical Peter Pan man) rather than conflicted about the cultural differences and trying to be respectful. Also, I couldn’t “get” the tone, the odd mixture of terrible attempts at humor and then the attempt at what I suppose it was supposed to be angst from the main guy on seriously dealing with his parents and his new culture (just felt like indifference thanks to his acting and the writing) and then the seriousness of the main girl’s illness. I didn’t find the humor fun, and neither the “angst” nor the seriousness of the illness situation believable.

Also, humor on these kinds of cultural differences with arranged marriages and such are done 10 million times better by YouTwoTV). And cultural differences are shown in more real depth and sweetness in The Hundred Foot Journey. And I’ve heard of serious (real) difficulty with marriage norm differences from Sazan and Stevie Hendrix.


You Can’t Take it with You. This is a cute film (featuring Jimmy Stewart) about the rich boy who falls in love with a girl from a middle class quirky family.

“Everybody’s got an ism these days . . . when things go a little bad nowadays, you go out and get yourself an -ism and you’re in business.”

“Lincoln said ‘with malice toward none and charity toward all. Nowadays they say ‘think the way I do or I’ll bomb the daylights out of you.’ “


Rewatched/skimmed 27 Dresses. I think this was the mainstream Rom-Com that first made me rethink my Rom-Com assumption mentioned above. It’s pretty Hallmark-y, but aside from skipping the drama, it’s cute and fun.


Watched, skimmed, and then dnf-ed This Means War. First, Oh. My. Stars. I forget just how sizzling Chris Pine was in his hey-day. Also, Tom Hardy always appeared big and formidable in the other things I’ve seen him in. But wow, he’s not, and he has the dorkiest voice, teeth, and smile.

This movie has so many irritating tropes, that actually I think show up in real life, in the lives of bored, boring people who thrive on drama.

I know he tends to play player, but this dude (Pine’s character) was more than a player, he was a jack***.  I was looking at reviews on IMDB and someone mentioned compared him to Kirk and how Kirk wasn’t the jerk this guy is. Which made me think about what the difference was. Kirk hit on Uhura in the bar and to a far lesser extent maybe once or twice later, but he was backing off, he knew she wasn’t interested, and he completely left her alone when he saw her and Spock together. He was a player yes, but he took up with girls just like him and respected the other ones.

I was rooting for Tom Hardy’s character and that couple made sense. It made absolutely no sense for Pine’s character to go after this girl. Like other reviewers mentioned, she was not that special in a way for him to suddenly be monogamous. And he knew his friend was interested, and she’d turned him down already anyway. I felt in my gut how it would end up and spoiled it and quit watching.

Witherspoon’s character was super annoying. At the beginning when she is just a simple nice girl, it makes sense for her to like Tom Hardy. Not an interesting couple or story or really strong characterization. But then they add guy number two with Pine and the absolute drivel of their “banter” with him trying to outwit her and prove his “depth” and her trying to outwit him and prove she is “badass.” None of this is believable. He’s a shallow womanizer, and she’s the dumb bimbo that falls for his unbelievable see through tactics. Also, her being unable to choose?!!! Seriously, if you can’t choose you don’t like either of them enough for a real relationship and if you can’t realize that and end it, then you are just as awful as the dude.


Yours Mine Ours 2005. This didn’t get super highly rated, however compared to the Cheaper by the Dozen movies (which dragged), it is much better. This is just a fun relaxing sort of cheesy heartwarming movie. Also it is funny how in our family we had about 3x the national average of kids and this family is 3x ours.

“Great. Mom gets married and we get drafted.”

“Will anyone who lives here, please raise your hand.” *Hands raise* “Anyone else remaining here after five minutes, will be forcibly conscripted into the United States Coast Guard!”


Yours Mine Ours 1968. I liked the new one and both are free on Amazon, why not watch the older one too? I think I preferred the newer one? But both are fun.

“Frank, what’s wrong with you? You gonna be an old maid for the rest of  your life?”


The Courier (2020). Fascinating at first, but I got bored toward the end, and didn’t need to watch the gratuitously awful prison scenes so I skipped.


The Apartment (1960). Interesting at first, the main guy is such a sweetie although I wanted to slap him for being such a pushover. He deserved someone better. The movie made it out that she was going to be special too, but no, she falls for stupid, basic lies and stupid basic guys.



Finished skim watching The Durrells.

Started Endeavor. These were interesting at first (skipped his “relationship” drama, can’t stand manufactured drama), but they got sillier and soapier and just too violent and so many deaths. Also it made me scared and jumpy at night (and gave me bad dreams which doesn’t usually happen) and guilty for watching it. This is the first crime or mystery show I’ve watched in my apartment as well which possibly contributed.

I’m always surprised by British shows or movies that scare me as America is more violent, and I feel that our content is as well. But I think I’m surprised by this violence because:

  1. I assume British mysteries set in older times are going to be all Agatha Christie-ish
  2. I forget that I avoid all the more scary American crime shows (or the real crime shows, I think what I watch is mysteries).
  3. Then I forget that the less scary ones can scare me too, there is one episode of Monk that comes back to haunt me from time to time. And I skipped the serial killer episodes of Psych the last time around. The only other US crime show I really got into was Castle which was scarier. Oh wait, I also got scared by Hallmark mysteries . . .
  4. So why do I watch these again?


  • Marian

    I think somewhere in the early/mid 2000s, British mysteries got a LOT more violent and dark… BBC Sherlock comes to mind, but also the newer Poirot episodes. The Poirot, Miss Marple, and Sherlock Holmes from the 80s/90s had some scary stuff, but they were more lighthearted and less disturbing by comparison. (With the exception of two SH episodes, The Eligible Bachelor and The Last Vampyre. I love Jeremy Brett but I don’t think I’ll EVER watch those again XD).

    • Rachel Olivia

      I watched BBC Sherlock ages back, but those didn’t seem dark in the ways these Endeavor episodes. did from what I remember, or there was clear good and evil and I don’t remember the body count being that high, but I quit during season 3, they just got goofy. I was planning on watching the Jeremy Brett, so I will be wary of those two episodes. And I want to watch the older Poirot as well, I started watching the new ABC murders on Amazon, big NOPE. But it was also Amazon original I think, so I wasn’t as surprised.

  • Elizabeth

    I loved your reviews for this. And I laughed way too long at your ‘dropping f-bombs like homeschool children trying to be bad’ line. I haven’t seen the movie your were referring to, but the line was on point.

    I love Yours Mine and Ours 2005. (so glad you enjoyed it!) It’s always been entertaining to me. My sister hates it though.

    • Rachel Olivia

      Yes, its a great descriptive. The TRYING TO BE BAD so hard sort of vibe.

      Its such a relaxing movie, why does she hate it?!

  • Skye

    I really liked Endeavor though I only caught a few episodes. I keep meaning to go back to it. But then I like my television a little darker.

    • Rachel Olivia

      I liked Endeavor himself at first and I like mysteries, but yes definitely too dark for me, but probably not for you since you like that. Do you like the Great Gatsby? If so you’ll probably like one of the episodes, in a later season, I can’t remember, 3 maybe?

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