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Running Wild in Impractical Outfits Tag

Elizabeth from Autumn Ink tagged me in for this lovely whimsical tag.

It’s funny I understood “impractical outfits” to be “impractical dresses” assuming billowing dresses in fields and woods sort of thing. And so that is what mine is going to be, that is what it would mean for me.

I’ve modified or changed or omitted some of the locations to suit me. And as I know rather too much about copyright laws, I’d rather just make a Pinterest board and link (here is the board, I’ve linked the relevant pins for each location below).

At the Beach on Corfu

Vintage sailor dress and I’m bringing Lt. JG Nicholas Holden (Operation Petticoat) in his absurdly perfect white uniform. I want a dress that is a mix of these dressesĀ (truly, I actually want to make this dress).

University of Glasgow

Romantic light academia with plaid ruffled skirt and ruffled top and cute outwear like maybe a half cloak or something. Inspiration here. I’ll take Lord Peter Wimsey (I’m seeing him as Anthony Andrews at the moment, I don’t like the actual actor in the adaptations and don’t want to watch the movies) with me to the University, what he doesn’t know, he’ll find out.

Castle in the snow

This Elsa inspired dress. And Thandruil. That should be interesting. Maybe we’re captive there or something, he’d throw an interesting fit to be sure.

Picnic in Switzerland in a woodland area

A Lena Hosek inspired or actual outfit (inspiration), and I’d take Captain Von Trapp (not the real one, Christopher Plummer as he was of course).

In a cottage with a garden

I’d live here and wear all the lovely outfits that Livvy wears in The Magic of Ordinary Days. And I’ll be married to Gregory Peck (oh, not a character, well then an amalgamation of all his gentlemanly characters).

Fun Bonus Question-
It’s the 20’s (or some other era) and your husband’s been mysteriously murdered. What’s your outfit?

I’ll pick the 30’s, and I want Nora Charles’ dress and fur coat, but I can’t find a photo of the one I’m talking about, I’m not even sure which mystery it was in. But she’s wearing this shimmery gold dress with a long fur coat, and it’s when Nick is trying to outsmart her to protect her and he sends her off in cab and then gets himself another, but she outsmarts him. I also love her striped dress.

Let’s say I wasn’t over fond of my husband, and I get to have detective like Nick Charles (can’t break the power duo!) or Godfrey Parke helping with the case . . . how convenient.

I think everyone who reads my blog is probably already tagged, but if not and if you want, consider yourself tagged.


    • Rachel Olivia


      The Magic of Ordinary Days is so sweet, its set in WWII era midwest, one of the Hallmark Hall of Fame’s with mainstream main leads.

  • Elizabeth

    I loved your answers and choices! The outfits are all so pretty. And honestly I seem to keep thinking of billowing dresses in fields and woods for the answers I’m working on for the tag too. The places that you chose sound amazing.
    Thanduril throwing a fit in a snowy castle would be entertaining to watch. I laughed at Godfrey, he would definitely hide a body for someone.
    So glad you did the tag!

    • Rachel Olivia

      Thanks! I had fun, I had to shortened it and curtail my answers or I would have spent waaaay too long, it was so fun!

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