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June 2021 Accomplishments and July Goals

  • I started a new job.
  • I finished my niece’s baby blanket and started another, but I didn’t like the other, but didn’t want to waste all the work, so I think I’m going to donate.
  • I finished digitizing my recipes.
  • I kept up on exercising for a bit, but then I fell off track and have been starting back up this month.
  • I read two books I own and hadn’t read.
  • I used up quite a bit of excess beauty products.
  • I kept up on doing my month end net worth calculation.
  • I tried to start writing down on my calendar things that happened (my memory is so bad lately).

Since July is over half over, I’m not going to have much of a list.

  • Try not to get into any more debt.
  • Try and maybe get a weekend job.
  • Try and work on my exercising and stretching.
  • If possible order vitamins.
  • Continue to work on knitting (I’m trying to work on using up things like yarn and beauty products).
  • Continue to steadily use up my beauty products.
  • Work on organization and finding more things to use up, donate, and sell.
  • If possible try and get proper gardening supplies.
  • If possible try and get some more things I need and/or want for Bjorn.
  • Keep doing the net worth calculation.
  • Work harder at documenting things on my calendar in the journal and in actual entries.
  • Try to prepare my July wrap ups and August plans well before the middle of the month.


  • Elizabeth

    You’ve done quite a bit!
    I need to bite the bullet and get a job too at some point.
    Keeping up documenting things is really hard. I don’t know why it’s so difficult but it is.

    • Rachel Olivia

      I made a calendar for the months in my bullet journal, and I try to write the things I do on each day, like the significant ones because my memory is so bad lately. I think if I have that, I could remember the actual days details to journal later if I need. So marking things on a calendar is a quick way to document.

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