July 2021 Reading Plans

I’d like to get a few of these crossed off, but I know some of these will be rolled over into August.

Borrowed Physical Books

  • Factfulness from my dad
  • Read the state history I borrowed from Papau
  • A Year in Mississippi from my sister
  • Start reading the Horatio Hornblower series also borrowed from my sister (this choice brought to you by this photo, you’re welcome) Edit: I started the first one, I couldn’t make it through the first chapter. SO GA Henty vibes. Mary Sue’s are popular now, apparently the boy version is Marty or Gary Stu. But I don’t think that fits, I think Peter Perfect sounds better for these older books (when the boy version seemed to happen more). Little young pompous prigs without an iota of humor who can do everything perfectly without practice and take everything deadly seriously (literally in this case) in writing were all of this is S-P-E L-L-E-D O-U-T  S-O  T-H-A-T  W-E  K-N-O-W  H-E  I-S  A  S-U-P-E-R   S-P-E-C-I-AL  H-E-R-O. I do not know how to express how HH irritated (and the writing) me within 30 pages. Hopefully I can enjoy the movie and the tv series, some of this is the writing or only expressed in writing.
  • Far from the Madding Crowd from the library
  • Possibly the state history I borrowed from the library
  • The Foxfire Book from the library

My Books

  • Reread the first three Ashtown Burial books, so I can read The Silent Bells by ND Wilson
  • Your Move: An Underdog’s Guide to Building Your Business. I may not want to keep this.
  • A Jane Austen Devotional. I’m not sure I want to keep this, I may pass around to my sisters afterwards.

Other Books

  • Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth
    On Writing Well
  • Classic Club spin pick, Cymbelline
  • Make inroads into The Idiot (aim for end of July)

Fiction Possibilities

  • Circe
  • More Hornblowers
  • Other YA adventure novels like more from the Nick of Time series


  • Marian

    Ok your HH description made me chuckle. 😆 I’ve read Midshipman and Lieutenant and honestly didn’t enjoy them or the Gregory Peck film. 🙁

    BUUUT the Ioan Gruffudd series is one of my all-time favorites! The script writers really did a much better job in the characterizations and dialogue, and it’s just way more fun and exciting, with great action sequences and music. Content-wise I would say it’s a PG-13, there’s some language (and one part I fast forward in “Mutiny”) but overall pretty good for older families.

    Master & Commander is also a good movie if you like that genre!

    • Rachel Olivia

      Thanks, I think I’m funny sometimes, lol. I’m going to try the Gregory Peck one if only to simply watch Gregory Peck.

      Thanks, now I’m more interested in trying the series (besides just to watch Ioan Gruffudd which was much of my main reason as well). And I’d heard about Master and Commander, so I’ll have to try that too. I’m trying to at least sometimes match my books and media with the season and nautical books and tv and movies sound just about perfect for summer.

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