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What I Accomplished May 2021

  • I got a new job that I start in early June. This is my first direct hire adult job!
  • I read 5 books, including one of the borrowed and TBR I own stacks on my nightstand, I also started another.
  • I watched several movies.
  • I think I did manage to make my apartment considerable neater and more picked up. I’ve not listed or sold anything and didn’t sign up for the yardsale though.
  • I’m trying to get into habits of using up my excess beauty items.
  • While I didn’t finish a baby blanket, I knitted, maybe about a third of one, thereby getting more into the rhythm of knitting again.
  • I’m working on getting a considerable portion of June’s blogging planned out.
  • I’ve also been working on Blogilates glute challenge. I’ve missed some days, so its going to be over a longer span than 30 days, but still, I’ve been more consistent on that than I ever have on anything besides walking for years. I’ve also manage to stretch a bit after most days. I’m going to see if I can do her squat and ab challenges next.
  • I’ve digitized most of my recipes from my recipe album into my Evernote cookbook notebook stack.
  • I’ve worked on getting Bjorn (thanks to belly bands) more freedom. Now we need to work on the not chewing up of carpet, baseboards, etc. (as I’d like my deposit back!) and my stuff!


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