Little Women Literary Reference List and Alcott Reading Challenge

When I was rereading Shirley, a lot of footnotes reminded me how often older authors were well-versed in literary works to be constantly referencing all their works, and this caused the list of Little Women literary references to mind, and then Tarissa’s Alcott Reading Challenge reminded me again.

I thought I’d found a list, I’m pretty sure I did, but I guess it wasn’t comprehensive so I made my own? Back in 2017, I’d posted all the literary references I’d collected in various posts, but I’m going to compile them and put them in a page on here like with my Classics Club list. I need to see if I can remember to compile lists from other author’s works like this as well.

I’d like to read some things off this list as part of the challenge as well as re-read some actual Alcott works.

I know I re-read Old-Fashioned Girl recently, but I’ve been meaning to reread the Little Women, Little Men, Jo’s Boys trilogy as well as the Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom duo. And maybe¬†A Long Fatal Love Chase. I’d like to get pretty copies of all these, so we shall see what I get too.


  • Loren

    That would be a fun endeavor! I love it when authors reference other works, its like they’re hoping the reading will catch it and go “ah ha!”

    Hope you are able to get the copies, you’re looking for!

    Loren |

    • Rachel Olivia

      Thanks. And yes, its always a little thrill to see a reference I know, and its like treasure hunting to learn one I don’t.

    • Rachel Olivia

      It is so exciting, kind of like a treasure hunt when I don’t know the references, and like special insider knowledge when I do.

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