Daily Life

June 2021 Goals

  • File state taxes
  • Set up security system
  • Keep up and continue to improve on my apartment organization and cleanliness
  • In that vein, more specifically finish digitizing my recipes
  • And clean and off table and keep cleaned off
  • Start my new job
  • Watch my spending, pay off some debt, save, and get my net worth back up since I quintupled my negative balance since April
  • Keep up on my exercising, work on stretching, and try to get in better habits of walking
  • Work through my backlog of borrowed and books I own but haven’t read (and may not keep)
  • Sell some stuff and find more to purge
  • Keep up habits of using up excess beauty supplies
  • Finish my niece’s baby blanket and perhaps another or at least make significant progress on it
  • Fix printer scanning issues
  • Work Private Plan
  • Better blogging and Instagram habits
  • Train Bjorn (my sister calls him the electrocuted chipmunk)
  • Work on getting back into more nonfiction
  • Participate in the Enchanted Bookclub’s Emma readalong
  • Continue to watch movies, try to focus a bit more on my list though


  • Elizabeth

    Based on the little I know about Bjorn, electrocuted chipmunk seems like the most accurate description I’ve ever heard.
    Hope your new job goes well!

    • Rachel Olivia

      Yes, its pretty accurate, he’s such a hilarious munchkin, sometimes I just look at him and laugh.


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