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Creepy College Story

I wear shorts as a precaution much of the time as I wear mainly skirts and dresses. My sisters started doing it first, it prevents embarrassing exposure, but for some reason, I didn’t have this habit in college. And I think this incident may have been one that made me finally realize the importance, perhaps also combined with my skirt partially blowing up when the college bus moved off.

Anyway, I usually went to the more deserted 4th floor of the library where you could find more empty desks or seating. But for some reason, on this day I went to the back of the 3rd floor and sat down at one of those tiny double desks where you have to watch your legs don’t touch the person’s on the other side. There was someone sitting on the other side. I think maybe after that person left a few people came and went, I’m not sure about the chair. Somehow a guy ended up on the floor where the chair should have been. Meaning, far too near my feet for such a position.

I was per usual wearing a dress with no protecting bike shorts, the dress was above my knees and my legs were crossed. I think because of my thigh-y-ness, that not much beyond thighs could have been seen, but I’m not sure. I think I’d let the shoe fall off my crossed foot. I suddenly noticed my foot was oddly warm despite nothing changing. I think I waited a bit too long before I looked down, and I swear a head (I believe face down towards my foot), moved from over my foot.

It was so slight a warmth and then so quick a movement, I had trouble putting together what had happened, but I think the guy was smelling my foot. I swear his face was down not up my skirt, and the warmth would have been his face over my foot.

My sister asked why I didn’t kick him? He moved too fast for one thing, for another I was too stupefied and uncomprehending to do anything more than slowly realize what just happened. I wasn’t scared, and I’m easily scared, and had I been scared I have the freeze response, fight or flight often comes rather late. I don’t know if that was because I’m an idiot or I did have a reading on the situation, that it was a freak thing, not a dangerous thing. Nevertheless, it was stupid of me not to immediately move. I believe he left first.

Anyway, its a hilarious story, I think and the weirdest thing I can remember happening to me. I don’t have very many creepy stories as I’m not pretty* and have the added protection of (usually) being a craven coward who avoids discomfort before danger could even think of arriving and have resting murder face.

*Older family members and their friends have differing opinions which leads into my next post.


    • Rachel Olivia

      It didn’t scare or scar me, I think my intuition can be pretty good, I think the same thing can happen with different people or with slightly different details and be totally different. I found it funny and find it more funny now. My response makes it funnier.

  • Skye

    That is so creepy! Love your sister’s reaction though. I guy once put his arm around me and slid next to me in a booth we were barely acquaintances so I tried to move away and almost fell of the booth.
    My sister always said I should have tried to bite him. XD

  • Elizabeth

    I’m with your sister you should have kicked him XD Although it’s different when you’re the one that’s a little dumbfounded because a guy just smelled your foot. Glad you didn’t get anything worse, still creepy though.

    • Rachel Olivia

      Yeah, I would not be great in a crisis, I’d be dead immediately while I was trying to figure out what was happening.

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