What I Watched: March and April 2021

During March I’d started my goal of choosing movies from my list to watch during the weekend. But when life started happening really fast, that changed. I’d also like to get a tv for my apartment to really enjoy the experience. I’d have to finish setting up said apartment first, and its still a wreck. Anyway.

In March I watched:

It Was Always You (Hallmark). This was sweet. I feel like the last few years their non-Christmas ones have been better. Maybe because they aren’t trying to churn out so many.

Finished Wandavision. I think I may have already written about this.

Started Falcon and Winter Soldier. Eh. I haven’t finished it, I left my Disney+ expire and didn’t feel like signing in my Dad’s (turns out he’d accidentally gotten in for a short period!), I might skim finish it whenever more comes on it, and I get Disney+ again.

Tried Yellowstone. (I’m so dumb, it’s rated MA, so I don’t know why I was shocked; there is murder and mayhem and branding people (as in literally, like cattle) in the first episode, heck the episode starts with a gruesome horse scene, but I still tried episode two, and between those episodes especially two where it was obvious all this is just going to keep on exponentially and what I was looking up, I couldn’t justify and no longer desired to justify watching it).

Tried Once (or was that Feb?). Eh. I got bored half-way through the second episode.

The Lady Eve. Um, so I think you forgot to do an important step lady!!!!!

It Happened One Night. This was funny, but hey, why couldn’t you show them actually get together?!

 In April I Watched

Emma 2009 (rewatch). It is just such a happy movie.

Failure to Launch. This is one I’d seen the preview for awhile ago, maybe on tv because this movie was older than I thought. It was also less funny than the preview and premise promised. I ended up skimming a lot of the second half until the end.

Instant Family. My youngest sister convinced my mom and I to watch this, since we watched all the movies we own over and over and couldn’t think of what to try on Disney+ and Amazon until my sister convinced us on this which she’d seen. It’s sweet and funny, and for a movie, surprisingly realistic about some of the challenges of adoption. It’s cheesy with some lazy cliché characters too, but the good far out weighs the bad. I was (and I’m not a crier) almost teary in parts. However, it’s one of those one and done movies I think for me. Or at least not a rewatch regularly favorite.

As Luck Would Have It. I’d seen a bit of the previews for this, and I though, oh they are SO copying Leap Year. But it wasn’t. I actually thought it was one of the more unique (for a Hallmark and a rom-com, let’s not raise expectations too high here). I really, really enjoyed it. For any Downton Abbey fans (not moi), Allen Leech is the lead(!).

I’m sure there are tons of Irish myths and stereotypes as apparently there are in Leap Year. But none of these are negative stereotypes, actually a lot are flattering. It’s not like its the old American view of Irish immigrants and old British view of the Irish.

Anyway, if you like fluffy rom-com’s in beautiful locations, I’d recommend. Hallmark didn’t put in any of their horrid plot-ploy misunderstandins/petty fights either to mar the peacefulness. Definitely watch again.

Breakup Bootcamp (Hallmark). I found this one enjoyable too. Did skip the silly fight part. People please come up with a better plot point than the secret then fight one.


    • Rachel Olivia

      Yes, we didn’t adopt in our family but we knew lots of people who did . . . I never realized all the complications, especially if the adopted child was born on drugs or in an abusive family or what have you. It was nice that they portrayed it at least a little less than all tied up in a bow perfect.

  • Elizabeth

    I love Instant Family! Not going to lie that one makes me teary eyed too.
    I’ve been meaning to watch Leap Year for awhile now. I should write that one down again.
    What was your favourite thing you watched from last month or before? (If you had a particular one that stood out to you)

    • Rachel Olivia

      Probably as Luck Would Have It. Hallmark, yes, but it was better than I expected and just happy and relaxing.

    • Rachel Olivia

      Yes, its definitely one of ours, so beautiful and mostly tranquil and funny and gorgeous scenery and costumes and musci.

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