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Three beauty category posts in a week? Wow, I’m actually using this category more! I’d not really been inspired much until this week. I was watching this video. I’ve heard for years about the curly girl method, about how lots of girls who thought they had straight hair might be wavy, and I’ve wondered, but it seems so much work to bring out the wave (and I hate hair products like mousse and gel). And then I also felt like I was wishfully thinking and that I really had straight hair. And I also didn’t want to stop flat-ironing (?!) my hair or curling it or whatever.

Here is an example of the the curly hair categories (I wish they’d show straight as well for comparison). I think there may be different typing systems, but this is what I read/hear about the most.

Like she said, I have sisters with curly hair, who don’t even have to do the curly girl method (but it would help), if they did the curly girl treatment, I think they both have 2C. I think my brother’s is probably the same category. I have another sister who has less curl, but I think more than me (we both have shiny but not fine hair). And then another who seems to have more straight hair than mine. All of us flat iron our hair. So, I suppose, duh, it’s not actually straight?! But I do it to “compress” it more than straighten I think. And all of our hair holds curl from curling irons really well. Like days for me (without product or without much) and probably most of my sisters. I think all this points to not truly straight hair.

There are just times when I look in the mirror and marvel disgustedly at my frizz/baby/broken hair “halo” and I felt like my hair has looked rather dull recently, so I’m planning to get a silk pillowcase and a shine treatment of some sort. Now after learning about the condition/shampoo/condition method, I think I will try that as well.


  • Loren

    I’ve tried to do the curly-girl method but it is just so intense! Do this, don’t do that etc. However, I did enjoy using a clarifying shampoo every 6-8 weeks as it strips my hair of everything (product buildup) so that I can re-hydrate with good conditioners it and not experience flat curls et. But I am thinking of re-trying the method as my curls have gone from 3B to 3A 🙁

    If you’re experiencing dullness, a good shampoo/conditioner and argan hair oil will do miracles. It would be interesting to see the outcome of you and your sisters doing the curly girl method. Maybe you all have curly hair and didn’t know it!

    • Rachel Olivia

      Thanks, yes, it does seem so intense. I’d gotten off using conditioner since I cut my hair was short, so I can already see a difference when adding it back in. I do need to look into using argan hair oil too. I doubt my sisters will try it although, I bet two of them at least would have really pretty curls if they did. They like changing up their hair too much. I might try and see if I can get my hair to wave.

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