Some Laughter

Back to things Irish, I first learnt of Foil, Arms, and Hog channel via Catherine from When It Does and Based on the Book. They are hilarious (the style is like an Irish studio C, with skits and recurring characters and such), I just watched Last Minute Vaccination Call today, it was a scream. My dad did actually drive around my sister’s vaccination site in January or February before his tier opened because she told him they call people near to use them up, that is how he got his).

And the checking the vaccine types, that is hilarious, people put any other vaccine, food, whatever in their bodies that certainly have more side effects but are now checking and listening to selective statistics for one vaccine.

I watched all of the skits for this The McCormack Family, and I’m working through Oisín & Parents currently. Quarantine Maths Class Disaster is hilarious also.

This regional accent bit is hilarious too even though I’m sure I miss lots of the jokes.


  1. Glad you’re enjoying them! They crack me up, loved that last minute vaccine one, but the ones with Oisin and the mum get me the most.

    1. I’ve not been through all the Oison and mum yet, I did meet Barry, have to say, he’s my favorite in that skit.

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