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Mystery Blogger Award

What is the first pairing you remember shipping?
Hmm, maybe Heidi and Peter from the 1980’s Heidi, but then I also had a crush on Peter myself. That at least was one of my earliest shippings.
What is the weirdest, most unusual, or one-of-a-kind thing you own?
Trying to catalog things I own in my head . . . I can’t think of anything unusual, but I have vintage clothes (don’t fit into them, but determined to eventually), all 70’s styles. I also bought some dresses from India on eBay, from this shop. I just found it randomly, and I’m going to have to get a few more for fall (I’d seen similar vintage styles on etsy, but these are new and a fraction of the cost).
Here’s the one I wore for Easter. I love, love medium purple, and it’s hard to find these shades, especially in florals. It’s so light and flowy. I like the prairie/70’s revival/cottacore styles trending now, but I don’t like pale, warm tones they have. This is a nice 70’s feel with more of a boho vibe.
If you had a surprise birthday being thrown for you, what are 3 fictional characters you would want to be there and why? or (What fictional character would you pull a prank on someone with?)
I’d like to watch Jack Sparrow pull a prank, a shenanigan, anything.
If you could steal a costume or an outfit from a show/movie, which one would you take?
Hmm, I’ve been really into the glamourous 30’s and 40’s gowns from My Man Godfrey, Holiday, and the Thin Man Mysteries. I’ve not seen The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, but I’ve seen the golden yellow silk dress, and I want it, but in maybe a blush or teal or maybe lemon yellow. The style, the buttons the silk, all soooo lovely.
What was the last line in a book, line in a movie, or lyric in a song that hit you hard?
Well, knowing me, it won’t be anything deep and meaningful, not that there aren’t those lines I like (I need to maybe get better and saving and organizing them, I usually just start a convoluted essay of my opinions that such quotes prompt), I’m just sure humorous ones are the ones I have most recently saved. I used my Kindle to find one, its from Mill on the Floss, a book I’m supposed to be currently reading.
“Mr. Tulliver was on the whole a man of safe traditional opinions; but on one or two points he had trusted to his unassisted intellect and had arrived at several questionable conclusions, among the rest, that rats, weevils, and lawyers were created by Old Harry.”
Profound, innit?


    • Rachel Olivia

      Thanks! Yes, Jack is just, soothing. Bizarre, its just when everything is chaos, he’s just there doing his thing rather nonchalantly, even if he’s panicking? There is just no beating him as a character.

  • Elizabeth

    You did the tag! I’ve been excited for this.
    I think I remember shipping Peter and Heidi years ago too actually.
    Love the dress! It’s really pretty.
    Jack Sparrow is such a good answer for that
    I hadn’t heard of the The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society movie before this but the dress is so pretty. and Lilly James is in that movie! I might watch it now at some point.
    That quote is hilarious XD

    • Rachel Olivia

      Thanks, it was really fun. Yes, Peter and Heidi should be a thing. Jack is all round an excellent choice for many things. I’ve not actually seen the movie, the book disturbed me in parts, I’m not sure it would most people though, I just can’t let it go enough to try the movie.

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